FP-4+/TFX-2 "Haloing" of highlights

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I recently decided to try TFX-2 to develop FP-4+ sheet film. I exposed the film at EI 125, mixed the developer according to the tip sheet and processed at 68 deg. for 11 minutes agitating every minute for 10 seconds. The negs came out thick and print very contrasty with a cold light. I need a -1 VC filter and still the highlights are blown out. The contrast of the scene checked with my spot meter showed four stops and although the affected highlights were too small to measure they were not brilliant hot spots. I expected to have to make adjustments using a new developer/film combo but the strange thing is, the highlight areas have a definite glow or fuzzy halo effect and as a result the negatives are useless. I've never seen this with other film/developer combinations under similar circumstances.

Could it be a characteristic of this developer under these conditions? Any ideas?

-- Andy (akkup@mindspring.com), April 14, 2002


I use FP4+ and FX-2 in 35mm, but don't know how similar the 4x5 times and results would be. (I bought some 4x5, but haven't had time to shoot it) 11 minutes was too long for me- 9 is about right. I don't get good shadow detail unless I expose at 64-80. The halo effect is usually from gross overexposure, and your reported density is consistant with that. Maybe check shutter speeds, then try a new test with a couple minutes less development. This can be a really nice combination.

-- Conrad Hoffman (choffman@rpa.net), April 14, 2002.

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