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I have three layers that I use for eggs and just to enjoy. I have read that kelp meal is very good for chickens and am wondering if it would be possible to make it myself. I live less than five minutes from Puget Sound in Washington state and have easy access to TONS of kelp. It would be a sinch for me to find out which varieties are eatable and would like to know your opinion on this idea. I know it might be easier to just buy the stuff in the store but the extra time and effort really aren't an issue for me. I would probably bring home a bucket of the stuff and then dry it on a cloths line and possibly grind it up before feeding. Any suggestions or info are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

-- Erika (, April 13, 2002


Erika, I found this site to be interesting with some neat views on kelp as well as some other foods for healthy chickens. LQ

-- Little Quacker (, April 13, 2002.

Be careful. Kelp is loaded with iodine, some higher than others. I prefer seaweed (yes, there IS a difference.)

And there's a difference in seaweeds, too. I prefer to use Source. The ingredients in Source are dehydrated seaweed meals (Fucaceae, Palmariaceae, Gigartinaceae, Bangiaceae, Ulvaceae). No fillers.

Guaranteed Analysis: Salt max. 6%, Potassium min. 2%, Iodine 0.07%

Full Ingredient List:

Click 'Main Menu' at the bottom of the page to learn more.

-- ~Rogo (, April 13, 2002.

I know that chickens cannot have a lot of salt, so I would be concerned about beach-gathered kelp for that reason.

-- Jeff (, April 14, 2002.

Hello Erika! I've lived around the Puget Sound all my life, in fact, I grew up on Vashon Island. If you are careful to only get seaweed instead of a lot of kelp, you can take it home and flush it with clear water. I do this all the time, also add it to my compost pile to build it up too. You can even use one of those big, black plant pots with the holes in the bottom, fill it over half full with seaweed, and just keep flushing it out through the day with the garden hose. after it doesn't smell as strong of "beach", you can spread it out in the sun to dry, I've even used old wood planks to dry it on. Best of luck with your babies, I dearly love all my poultry, almost a hundred total now! LOL! Toni

-- Toni in Wa. (, April 15, 2002.

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