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My goodness where to begin. I have had a ongoing problem from Fleetwood. First when I bought the home in Dec.97 it was a 98 model. I thought I had got a deal,well i did. Was suppose to be a 8 1/4 percent rate turns out its a 17% rate. The papers I signed I signed a 8 1/4%. The only thing I can figurer is when I sign the papers they took an added a second loan for 9.14%. There is paper work to back this up also. Then the house starts having problems after problems. I contacted the manufactor and they sent someone out to fix the problem,well when they showed up it was half ass work. Then I got AMH involed. I was for certain that this would take care of the problem,well it didn't. It has got worst. They AMH has been out 2's and Fleetwood from Texas sent out a housing apparsier a profess. at that. AMH said they didn't like this. Well a couple weeks I got a letter from AMH where they had received a letter from Fleetwood saying the 5 year warranty had ran out,if they knew thgis much they would have known that my home is a 1998 model and if I can count right 2003 would be when the warranty was up. Plus by the time I pay for my home in 25 years,I would have paid $160,000.00. I could have a beatiful palce that would depreciate and maybe still standing. I've tried to get a lawyer to look into this but they seem to be to busy. I'm talking class action hear not small stuff. There is fraud and alot of other stuff involed that Fleetwood is totally wrong. They will pay for this. I do beleive they thin low non educated persons only own these things. Well I've got a rude awaken for them. If anyone else is having the same problems let me know what you done? Thanks. Looking for some answers?

-- dedie (, April 13, 2002


Dedie, You may want to look at trading that home in for another home. Some manufactured home dealers do take trade-ins. I know that mine does. We don't sell Fleetwood though. Email me if you have specific questions.


-- Robert Twilley (, April 25, 2002.

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-- Pilla Srinivas ( Pilla Naga Srinivasa Rao ) (, July 04, 2002.


You need to get some real answers. This seems to be a legal problem involving not only the home itself (shoddy workmanship) but contract fraud. It can be assumed that you have save every scrap of paperwork in this deal.

Go to the library and get the name of the entity that governs these people. They all have to have a license to operate. Then start the long process by filing a formal complaint. A lawyer would help, so call the Bar ASSOCIATION for the name, address and phone number of 3 lawyers. Pick the one that gives you a half hour free time to explain your problem. It helps to outline what happened, when and why it was wrong. Take this with you to help focus on the problem to get the most out of the free minutes. Before you sign anything, find out how it works with the lawyer. What are his fees and what are the court fees. That is separate. If you win, does he get a portion of it?

At the library, find out as much as you can about laws regarding mobile homes. There are a group of lawyers that print law books called the Nolo Press. See if they have any to help you. You are looking at Contract Law here.

I hope these suggestions are helpful for you. Legal Aid can give advice, but they don't have lawyers anymore. Also, Lifeline has advice including what type of lawyer to see. They are in the yellow pages. Be agressive, resourceful and listen to what people say carefully. Hopefully, things will be fixed to your satisfaction, and that you can get out of the contract because it was so fraudulent. All contracts are based on "reasonable expectations". That should be a beginning point for you. (I am not a lawyer, but I have worked in the insurance industry for years.)

Good luck to you. I hope this helps you to find a way to resolve this.



-- Eve Donaldson (, September 21, 2002.

I'm a contracter for Horton homes & I'll tell you???? I'm sorry. There all the same. You can call me Half ass But I can only do so much. What they are willing to pay m for. Many times, if not all , I've tryed to do what the customer wants I feel for them. Personally I would'nt own one: not to say I'm to good but if I had a choice, I'ed chose anything elese Real houses go up in value, Trailers go don In a nutshell: everything is an eye wash Cheap Cheap Everything is substandred You woukd not believe what I've experienced & I'm looking to get out of the business. JIM

-- Jim Alexander (, October 14, 2002.


-- susan harlin (psfowler@one-eleven .net), April 14, 2003.

So sorry for you dedie. I'll tell you this, there is a place in Conroe TX called Lone Star Ranch. My wife and I looked there a year ago and came extremely close to moving there. Glad we didn't. The subdivision is all "permanent" manufactured homes by Fleetwood. Can't just haul 'em off, know what I mean? Anyway, we looked at them today and I'm just blown away at how bad these things look after just one year. EVERY home's siding was warped. Almost half of them had been vacated by either foreclosure or the homeowners just walked away. Someone actually spraypainted their home saying that it was a P.O.S. Maybe you can find some of these people and get your lawsuit rolling. I still can't beleive it. I've thought about it all day since seeing them. We came so close and around $100K was the asking on most of them. Lured in by zero down. Scary stuff.

-- Chris Guerra (, June 01, 2003.

There is not one good manufactured home out there because my husband and I checked everywhere. We did buy a Champion home because all the trailers are alike and we were going to finish the walls ourselves. By ordering the trailer unfinished, boy could you see all of the screwups and poor quality. We complained to everyone. We had HUD come out to check things out and do you know that the HUD rep. and the mobile home manufacturer had breakfast together before they showed up. The manufacturer had a high dollar lawyer with them recording everything. Now do you think we had a chance in HELL?

-- beverly perini (, June 08, 2003.

Gee Bev your right, you didn't have a chance. From the stories I've heard, I would never by a manu home!

-- (, June 18, 2003.

Dedie, Boy do I feel for you...I too just bought a fleetwood home...I am getting screwed by the retailer and fleetwood. The retailer refuses to give me a copy of my purchase agreement, sales contract and spec you think they have something to hide??? I was supposed to get a concrete foundation, got skirting...said they would fix things...yea right..not in this lifetime. Once they have their money they could care less about you!!! I am having an inspector come out and I have complained to every is a lawyer! What these goofs don't realize is they are selling these homes to people who are in the same area comparing stories...class action here we come!!!!!

-- Gail caruso (, June 20, 2003.

I just started looking into a MH in my area ( Southern Wisc.-Lake Geneva area )

Does anyone have any input about these FORTUNE Homes?

They appear to Be better made than the Fleetwood, but I stil arn't sure

I do want to live in one of the Parks out here, they are very nice and as a Seasonal Place to live in ( 6 mos-summer season) It might be the right thing for me..

Thanks Dennis

-- Dennis English (, June 26, 2003.

After reading about the lack of service and professionalism that you suffered from I have changed my mind about buying one. Thank you very much and I wish you the very best.

-- kelly (, August 03, 2003.

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