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Hi there everyone! Today I spent some time (LOTS!) clenaing out my perennials. I planted a bunch of plants including 5 rose bushes, about 20 new plants, and moved and divided many others as well. One thing I want to do is start a bed with all mixed Iris's. I have dark purple, light purple, blue, burgundy, pink, purple with yellow centers, and I think that is all of them... I am going to just mix them all up in a new spot. So I did manage to get it looking prety nice. Since it borders my front yard, I wanted to clean it up before my yard sale. Cale had to rent a jack hammer to finish digging the fence post holes!!! We have never had this happen before! The fence HAD to go right there, and he hit a whole ledge of rock about 20 inches down on each hole. So since they HAVE to be at least 30 inches (!!!) he rented the hammer and had them done in about 1 hour. Of course while he was hammering, I had to clean all the rocks out of the holes, and the post hole diggers just were not working very well, so it was slow progress, but now they are all dug waiting for posts tomorrow. A friend is going to cut the boards for us, so the fence should be done before long...

My brother is in from out west, and headed to a horse farm in PA to work until June. So it was nice to see him. He trimmed the horses feet. Usually Cale does it himself, but he was glad to let my "little" brother do it this time!! Although he is younger than me, he is taller by about a foot!!! He is 6ft 6 and weighs 220 pounds, all cowboy muscle!!! He loves to ride horses, break horses, anything to do with horses... So it is nice to have him in visitng for the next few days, until he heads to his new assignment.

Well I think I am off to bed, I am very tired, a little sunburned, but so glad to get outside working!! I love to plant things!!! Such a great feeling. Tigger (my cat) followed me everywhere today, every time I dug a hole, he was right under my feet... silly cat!!! I will "talk" to you all later. Be nice!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 12, 2002

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