damaging an elevator

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What type of forces would be required to damage an elevator? In the typical 3000 lb. Capacity dover elevator(http://www.doverelevator.com/tractionmain.asp) for example. Can a single person either by rocking back and forth, banging, or kicking against the back wall cause damage to the elevator while it is in transit.

-- Eric Hefley (emhefley@hotmail.com), April 12, 2002


response to damaging an elevator

are you an idiot or just plain stupid. the majority of us are professionals. were going to tell you how to damage an elevator? what the hell are you, a terroist?

-- macky (macky@sciti.com), April 12, 2002.


Sound more like a somebody who just received a bill for some damage.

-- NoGood (No@good.com), April 17, 2002.


Depends on several factors. Thin tin on the back of the cab, close weight or wall,etc. Had a Dover IVO that you could lean on the back of the cab, and it'd bow out far enough to scrape the back wall. And, yes, the rail guides kept the car in the right place, but the back bowed out appx 1+ inches if you leaned hard against it. Just my $.02

-- Steve (eastlion@pacbell.net), July 06, 2002.

Damaging an elevator

What macky said...or spend a few weeks in any new york housing project....

-- Glenn D. (BONER3988@aol.com), April 17, 2002.

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