Speaking of Chicks, how about some help?

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Since I now have two baby chicks (about 4 days old, I'm guessing) living in my living room, maybe you all can help me figure out what KIND of babies they are. The store said they ordered hatchery choice pullets, so at least I'm relatively certain of the sex.

First, let me tell in brief how I wound up with these adorable little noise machines! I took my mother-in-law (that should explain it right there!) to the feed store with me, as she wanted tomato plants for her garden and I needed laying pellets for the big girls. The babies had just come in, just put out of the box into the holding area while we were in the store. Nick (the 3 year old) was just practically drooling over them, and the rest is history, as they say!

They had three apparent types in the holding area. Yellow, solid black, and these black with two light colored stripes down their backs and light spots/patches around their face. Their hind ends (under their tails) appear to have some lighter fluff on them as well.

Anybody have any idea what I might have here, or do I just wait until they get their feathers and pore through the Murray McMurray catalog?

-- Christine in OK (cljford@mmcable.com), April 12, 2002


You'll let us know the right answer when they feather?:) I'm gonna guess Silver-laced Wyandotte.

-- mary (mlg@mlg.com), April 12, 2002.

You would think I would know this, but I am stuck, Had lots of chicks over the years. Mostly Buffingtons, and Rhode Island reds, I had some hens once that were black with spotted white, And it seems like They were called Rock something. You got me on this one. Ha Ha!!!!There"s lots of chicken folks out there and I bet you will know very shortly the answer

-- Irene texas (tkorsborn@cs.com), April 12, 2002.

Hey, Irene, that's what I have now - they are called Barred Rocks!

-- Christine in OK (cljford@mmcable.com), April 12, 2002.

I think you're going to have to wait for some more feathers.

-- Julie Woessner (jwoessner@rtmx.net), April 12, 2002.

Christine, here is a site with baby chick pictures. It will still be hard to tell what type you have, but it's fun to look at the pictures anyway! Baby Chicks Hope this helps!

-- cowgirlone in ok (cowgirlone47@hotmail.com), April 13, 2002.

Hey, cowgirl, I think they might be silver-laced Wyandottes! I'll let you know for sure when they are feathered out! Are these good chickens, anyone? Brown eggs or white?

-- Christine in OK (cljford@mmcable.com), April 13, 2002.

Very pretty hens, brown eggs.

-- mary (mlg@mlg.com), April 13, 2002.

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