DSR-PD150 / VX2000 *STILL* HISSES???

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I have a brand new DSR-PD150... It took me one minute of searching for resources for it on the web before I discovered all of the flap over its introduction with a flawed manual gain control circuit. I thought for sure after close to (over?) two years Sony would've begin to ship the new units with this problem corrected. But, I've tested my PD150 exhaustively with an extremely accurate audio vectorscope, and, better still, my own ears, and I STILL hear a marked drop in S/N ratio in manual gain mode. Last I heard, Sony was offering an unwaranteed "upgrade" for over $150 requiring the unit be shipped to CA to FIX what Sony obviously should've gotten right the first time. If that's true, and Sony has continued to ship the new units with a decidedly old and proven problem, then I think it's an outrage and I'm surprised more shooters aren't complaining. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks, j. P.S.: If I'm wrong, and Sony has fixed the problem, does anyone know the starting serial number for that modification?

-- John Griffin (jgriffin3@nyc.rr.com), April 12, 2002



-- Baron Lombardo (baron@skylink.net), May 02, 2002.

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