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TO;; ACLSAL Historical Society. The GS&F RR Historical Society needs your assistance please in responding to the following questions. Your response will be greatly appreciated. Mark Mosely - GS&F RR HS Chairman

I have tried to find out how Souther Rwy (GS&F) turned their locomotives around at Hampton, Florida. At the meeting in Valdosta I was told by a NS employee that their was a wye between the Southern and Seabord Air Line. Can not comfirm this with any one from the ACL/SAL HS. Also an old employee of the Southern said there was never a wye at Hampton, and that the steam engines went sent to Palatka or ran backwards to Valdosta. I know after the mid 1940s Southern interchange with SAL in Jacksonville, so I do not belive that any diesels were involved with the Hampton interchange. I have been to Hampton many times and can only find remains of a siding between the old Southern line to Palatka and the SAL mainline. Thanks in advance, Allen L. Wiener, Ocala, FL

-- Allen L. Wiener (, April 11, 2002

-- Mark S> Mosely (, April 11, 2002


Southern's Coastal Division Timetable #7 (eff. 07/18/71) shows a wye at Hampton 0.3 miles south of Hampton Siding. In timetable #11, eff. 08/19/79, the symbol for a wye track has disappeared

-- Harry Bundy (, April 11, 2002.

At one time I looked this up,it has been awhile.But I believe there was a wye on the SAL side.

-- Joseph Oates (, April 11, 2002.

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