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Anyone have experience to share about FortePan 400 film? I'm informed that it may be obtainable at reasonable prices in ultra-large format sizes. In particular I'd love to know how suitable it will be for long scale negatives intended for Pt/Pd printing. The desireable attributes would be low filmbase+fog level and long straightline to the curve. Higher fog levels and an early curve shoulder (while just fine for silver printing) are much less useful for platinum negatives.

-- Carl Weese (, April 11, 2002


I bought quite a lot of it in 8X20. The only way I could get acceptable density from it was to rate it at 50 to 80. I don't know if it was a bad/old/desentized lot of it or what. Having said that I like the images (on Azo) once I finally found the speed to use the film. The price is right as well. I don't have a densitometer to judge the scale that you are inquiring about. Email me off-site if ther are specific questions I can answer.

-- David Flockhart (, April 14, 2002.

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