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update on my shortfall debt,i have today recived a letter from aplins solicitors,on behalf of dlc.i quote" we have been instructed to write to you by the creditors managing agents,direct legal &collections.you have so far ignored their requests for you to contact them concerning this matter. legal action may be our clients only option,which could ultimately lead to :- personal bankruptcy,a county court judgment,a charging order if judgement is granted,an attachment of your earnings. this may prevent you obtaining future credit,could affect your employment prospects and may prevent you from opening a bank account.it might be possible to avoid this action by making an imediate phone call to 08707469050. i owe 10k do you think it is time to issue a sarn notice? also has anbody had any experience of these solicitors(aplins).and what can i expect to happen now ? also i have read the mortgage conditions posted on this site from nhl,and my copy 1988 edition does not contain the clause about the mig policy,does that help me?

-- alan lloyd (lloydxr3i@hotmail.com), April 11, 2002


Alan, Check the postmark on the letter you got from'Aplins'. I think you'll find it comes from DLC's neck of the woods. DLC probably only use this firm as a front to make people like you tremble. Issuing a SARN notice is absolutely no question the RIGHT thing to do. You don't give any details of the 10k you say you owe, but it may be the case that your lender has not been very professional about re-selling your property, carrying out economically priced repairs, keeping you properly informed etc.. I trust that you haven't admitted liability for the money they are claiming! Getting them to respond to a SARN puts you in a position of greater strength because you will have documentary evidence of their claim and how they have arrived at it. This site seems to suggest that a lender will settle for around 20% of a claim eventually, and the trick seems to be to keep playing for time by insisting on being given information you are entitled to have.

Gordon Bennet

-- Gordon Bennet (arsenewhinger@hotmail.com), April 12, 2002.

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