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I thought about putting clear contact paper on paperback books to keep them from getting messed up. What do you think?

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, April 10, 2002


We do this at the library and it works great, especially with all of the kids!!! would be really nice for cookbooks to clean off spills to...

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 10, 2002.

Hello Cindy,

My hubby always wears down his computer books so I would take the wide clear tape and cover the entire front, back and spine. I never have any of that clear contact paper but I usually have enough of the wide clear tape that comes on that handy dispenser so it doesn't go back and stick to itself. I have trouble controlling that contact paper. It seems to have a mind of its own.

Occasionally, I must do the same for my paperbacks but he drags his books to work and back every day. If I know ahead that a book will need protecting, I can go ahead and cover it when it's new and crisp.

Thank You, Nita

-- Nita Holstine (, April 10, 2002.

I don't bother with covering most of my books (too time consuming) but I have a number of books that are kind of special to me and I do cover them. When I first did it I was wondering how well it would hold up over time but it's been at least 12 years on some and it's still looking good.

Our library covers paperbacks with a commercial type covering that is like clear contact paper but is much clearer and much stronger. It is kind of stiff, also, which holds up better for hard use. If I were going to cover any more of my books I think I would go to the extra trouble and expense and purchase this product. (I believe you have to order it through a library supply catalog.) But the contact paper would be ok for most uses.

-- Lenette (, April 10, 2002.

I see a lot of books at the library where just the corners (which get the most wear and tear) are done.

Another option if the book is a reference and will be repeatedly consulted, is to just pay the extra money for a hardback if available (often they will be remaindered for less than paperbacks, though not always), which will last longer.

-- GT (, April 10, 2002.

When I homeschooled, I purchased those stiff clear adhesive covers through the company that the Indianapolis library used. It was well work it for those paperback books that received a lot of use. They aren't very expensive if you really think that the book is one you want to keep in gooooood condition. They were not hard to use and came and several different sizes. Just ask at your local library and get the name ('cause I can't remember it now) and I think they may have a website that you could order them through.

-- Dena (, April 13, 2002.

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