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There is a rare medical condition that allows some people to "taste" colors, "feel" emotions, "hear" paintings, ect. This is due to the senses and the recptors in the brain being cross wired, this disorder is named ________________?

-- mitch hearn (, April 09, 2002


Hey, FINALLY one I really do know! Actually, I must admit I know it from the 60's (what was I thinking????) Oh well...we almost saved the It is called: Synesthesia

Where did all the hippies go anyway??? I am beginning to think we all grew up and became Republicans..LOL!

-- Karen (, April 09, 2002.

Or talk show hosts or forum moderators or from what I heard if you remember the 60's - you wern't really there!!!

new question: What is the most eaten type of salt water fish?

-- mitch hearn (, April 09, 2002.


-- Gary in Ohio (, April 09, 2002.

I have synasthesia. Didn't know it or realize I was weird until last year. I saw a program on one of the interesting satellite tv stations. I'm 46 ;-) I thought everybody was like that. My daughter also has many of the same characteristics. We just assumed all folks experienced the same stuff.

-- Peace and Carrots Farm, Vermont (, April 09, 2002.


-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 09, 2002.

When exactly was the 60's? I seem to have a blank spot in my memory.....

Mitch, is it tuna?

-- Cheryl in KS (, April 09, 2002.


-- Judi (, April 09, 2002.

Your hitting all around it folks.~

P & C Farm, would you share your experiences with us?

A note to sea food eaters, avoid large cuts of sea food, eat only the smaller younger species, the bigger ones have a long exposure time to mercury and other waste in the water.

-- mitch hearn (, April 09, 2002.


-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, April 09, 2002.

Karen, the "hippies" who are still practicing their lifestyle most often refer to "ourselves" as dinosaurs! Folks don't notice us much as we tend to just look like poor folk who dress funny! Mitch, is it herring?

-- Toni (, April 09, 2002.

Herrings are correct, anybody still got their beads and hood ornaments?

-- mitch hearn (, April 09, 2002.

Got the old beads, still got the old man(who has held up quite well), and still have most of the old dreams and beliefs...just drive an SUV instead of a VW bus and wear jeans to work on casual day! I think there are a lot of us around still...maybe "respectability" is the real underground method...who would suspect???

-- Debbie in S IL (, April 09, 2002.

Wow. Well, here I sit in my blue jeans, though this is a skirt. The extra denim was sewn on the opened seams, of course, and I embroidered the whole thing with cross stitch, a few flowers - a huge clump of daisies right at the hem, all around. Cool. Farm out. Feeling very very groovy. And as my uncle would have said to us kids as we sat by the campfire on Tincan beach in the 60's, "when we were kids, back in the late 30's - you know what we said?" We all looked up at him with our heads tilted at odd angles, the fire and night reflecting shadows on everything around us. "What, Unka Bill?"

He looked at us and suddenly realized he had us all in his power, a bunch of gangling pre-teens, hooked on every word by that fireside.

"Mellow Valto Reenie..." he said real slow, almost at a drawl. His green eyes shown as the fires licked the sand around us in golden light...

"Mellow valto reenie..." we all said to ourselves, in our minds, not daring to be uncool or anything.

I now - many years later - do believe he was telling us a huge tale.

-- alexandra (, April 14, 2002.

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