What do you hate most about yourself and others?

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I hate that I care to much about people. I stereotype them. I hate people who sterotype and discrimninate which makes me a fucking hypocrite. I hate that I hate too many people, I am annoying, I can be so mature on one subject, and be a fucking innocent kid on another. I hate Im an idiot, I hate not knowing shit, I hate hurting the people I care about, I hate being too fucking sensitive to what people I care about say and do. I hate misunderstanding, I hate that I fall into depression so god damn qucikly and often. I hate fucking up special days, I hate it when special days are fucked up. I hate school. I fucking hate people who think their so fucking smart, they know everything. I hate being one of those people at times. I hate the fucking social dynamics of high school, and the peice of shit world in general. I hate not being there to help people I care about, I hate people I care about not being here to help me. I hate being emotionaly unstable. I hate the fact Im so fucking lazy, I hate racists. I hate the fact Im on the verge of giving up any hope I have for a better world, I hate that I would probaly be right to do so. I hate people that think that their so fucking great because of where they are born. I hate people who think thier way, is the only way. I hate that people don't know a fucking thing about my country, yet the can say so much shit about it. I hate that I have hours of fucking homework every god damned night. I hate the fact that I can't fucking spell. I hate teachers who are so idiotic, and out of date, that I could literaly learn more about a subject on my own. I hate it when people want to "get to know me, and be my friend." FUCK THAT! I don't give a fucking shit! If I like someone I'll talk to you on my own. I hate that fact that NO ONE thinks like me. I hate that I have so much figured out, yet I have more questions then almost anyone. I hate almost never fucking winning. I hate people who try to make me feel like shit for NOT winning. I hate that I feel this way, when so many are worse off. I hate not being able to help them. I hate wondering if I really have more of a conscience then every other fucking idiot I see, who do whatever the fuck they want without thinking of their actions, or how they effect anyone else. I hate when they think of their actions, fucking realize their destorying lives and hurting people, then STILL doing it. I hate that I don't have depressing music with me now. I hate that my parents are the most blind, stupid fucks, I know. I hate ALL parents like that. I hate how my fucking day is going. I hate trying to help people, then finding out all I do is fuck up AGAIN. I hate that I continuly forget that, and try to help again, only to fuck up once more. I hate me if I ever stop helping. I hate the questions with no answers. I hate people who suppodily find the answers to these questions. I hate the pressures of life, and everything else. I hate not being able to say "Fuck it" and leave everything, to find the only thing I really want my life. I hate waiting. I hate mising people. I hate tragetys. I hate not being able to break certian people in half, and make them regret the day they were ever fucking born. I hate that I KNOW thats wrong, I hate that I don't care, and still feel it. I hate people who try and show me up. I hate it when people succedd and make me feel like shit. I hate it when they fail, and still fucking think I give a shit. I hate people who try and fit in. I hate people who try and be different. I hate people who don't just be themselfs. I hate that almost everyone is too fucking cowardly and fake to be worth my time. I hate that Im dillusional enough to think that my time is worth ANYTHING. I hate not being sure, I hate failing, I hate that I can find pride in being a "loser", I hate people who dont. I hate people who cling to the fucked up thought that "THIS is how a man acts, and THIS is who a woman acts". I hate my fucking rambling. I hate this fucking pain in the centre of the bottom of my ribs I get when Im depressed. I hate that THIS is my only fucking form of release. I hate that people will be too lazy to read this fucking post cause its long, I hate being those people sometimes. I hate the fact that I will regret writing this not long after I hit "submit". I hate living a lie. I hate not being able to wear a fucking shirt that explains EXACTLY whats I am, and how I think. So people can either agree, or leave me the fuck alone. I hate that my fucking throat hurts. I hate that with my luck, I will fuck up lots today, and be giving TON of homework. FUCK! I hate that I just remembered Im not done my fucking homework. I hate how meaning less it is. I hate who meaningless MOST things are. And I hate the fucking fact that I will NEVER, get to live in the "dream" world I want. People are too fucking stupid for it to ever fucking work. I fucking hate alot of you, and I fucking hate ME as much, less, or more at times...

-- BK (MyEmailAddress@fucku.com), April 09, 2002


I hate that Im ugly. I hate that Im fat. I hate that that matters. I hate worryihng about everything. I hate the way I think. I hate being unsuccessful. I hate wanting to die. I hate having to live. I hate all the people that I know. I hate that I think Im better than them but im probably not. I hate white trash, niggers, spics, sand niggers, gooks, kikes, whops, cristians, buddist, preachers, feminists, and anyone else who makes members of their race, gender, or religion look bad. I hate that people are going to hate all the racial slurs on this page because they dont understand me. I hate that I'll probably never be as good as Id like to be. I hate that i doubt myself so much. I hate that this page didnt say "What do you hate?", but I'll still write that way. I hate my scumbag father. i hate people who start shit with me. I hate when they wont finish it. I hate people who are so dull and weak minded that I'll never want to meet them. I hate stupid people. I hate that my high school was full of pussies. I hate that I had to be there to keep them calm and help them through a time that was nothing to me. I hate wishing I was never born. I hate not being above the law. I hate stupid women who allow men to beat them because they are in love with them. I hate being insecure at times. I hate not being confident. I hate having nothing to be confident about. I hate shitty choices. I hate snobbish dicks who think they're shit dont stink. I hate people who think they're better than me. I hate contradicting everything I say. I hate being a teenager. I hate getting older. I hate all the people who think this is whinning. I hate not having a friend to say this all to instead of an internet bulletin board. I hate typing. I hate spelling words wrong. I hate feeling like a dumbass for it. I hate people with religion. I hate being too smart to get sucked into that stupid shit. I hate that people are so weak that they need something to "believe" in. I hate that I cant kill eveyone whos ever crossed me, laughed at me, or made me feel lesser than they're retarded ass. I hate when people say I should "talk to a professional" about my problems. I hate that I will more than likely bludgeon someone to death with whatever is in arms reach when I finally crack. I hate thinking things are just gonna happen. I hate making things happen. I hate caring for people and feeling like no one cares about me. I hate having to give out my e-mail address to all kinds of people who are just going to spam me. I hate not being able to reach through the phone and choke people. I hate writing this so Im going to stop.

-- J.V. (royal69er@aol.com), October 27, 2002.

I just hate me.

-- C.A.H (whatever@fuckoff.com), November 13, 2002.

I hate myself. I hate everyone who thinks there life is worse than mine. I hate that I quit school. I hate that in the long run it was the best thing. I hate being out of work. I hate the way I look. I hate that my description and personality are okay, but when someone meets me it's not. I hate being a whiny middle class fuck. I hate all the people I let walk all over me. I hate myself for letting them. I hate the way I will never succeed in life. I hate that everyone coddles me and tells me it will be okay. I hate that I'm bitter and jaded. I hate the my heart doesnt feel anymore. I hate that I am depressed. I hate that I dont sleep. I hate that the world is full of fucks who don't know what it really means to be a friend. I hate that I let people use me and I still care about them. I hate that I really have no friends. I hate that I cry all the time. I hate that I dont care about anything. I hate that I try to kill myself. I hate that I want to. I hate not having faith that I will be okay. I hate that I have no faith. I hate organized religion. I hate people. I hate all the people who have made me feel this way. I hate that everyone tries to change me. I hate that I am alone. I hate that I am a reclusive bastard. I hate people from highschool. I hate pretending to be happy. I hate that no one will listen. I hate that no one cares about me. I hate that this will never be read. I hate that I did this.. I hate everything. I hate this world. I hate myself. I hate too much. I hate that I hate to much. I hate myself and thats the worst hate of all.

-- DH (meh@fuck.com), December 29, 2002.

I hate losers, I hate freaks, get over it, losers...

-- PB (haha@bollox.com), March 03, 2003.

hey man ive never really been the most popular person in the world. and for u to think that ur better than anyone, or just the losers as u call them is just plain ignorant. your the loser! so fuck off!!!!!

ive been depressed lately and ive felt excactly how these ppl have felt ive hated myself and still dont feel good about myself. and if someone ever said i was a loser to my face id fuckin tell them to go fuck themselves.

ppl fuckin kill themselves over ppl calling them names and shit...so why dont u find something better to do with ur time there buddy.

i hate everything and everyone and hope i fuckin die.life sux

-- no (no@no.no), August 22, 2003.

and everyone should be confident about who they r.....who gives a fuck if someone thinks ur weird, i used to make fun of ppl i thought were weird or freaks. and some of them are, but most of those ppl are just depressed and have low self esteem and shit.

who cares how u act,dress,laugh,whatever always be urself, people will like you for who u r...and the ppl that dont like u who cares about them.

i dotn even know why im doin this, just some ppl fuckin piss me off.

-- no (suckme@onetime.cum), August 22, 2003.

You guys are crazy....

-- Hoeskee Woeskee (Whoreskee@dotcom.com), August 22, 2003.

i hate people that talk about some one and then deine that they ever did they all should die for just being pussy they should never even say shit in the frist place cuz all it is , is its going to come back on u!

-- kandi (volcombabe@hotmail.com), September 20, 2003.

well everyone is right here is just a few things I hate. I hate myself. I hate myself for caring,I hate myself for thinking about others instead of me. I hate my father for leaving the family. I hate that I joined the military to pay for college. I hate that the military robbed me of my freedom,I hate that I got out. I hate the fact I wanna go back.I hate that my family is poor. I hate that thinking more money will make our lives better. I hate labeling people, I hate when people label me. I hate having a different skin color. I hate it when it threatens white americans.I hate Rappers and how they act. I hate how the youth of america is a big wannabe gangster. I hate people who automatically sterotypes "blacks" as Thugs. I hate that I have doubts about my future. I hate moving. I hate having to startover. I hate people that went to my high school. I hate people telling me what to do, I hate the fact that people will always tell me what to do in life. I hate working, I hate workin hard and getting paid shit. I hate not being able to get girls at the drop of a dime. I hate thinking about how different my life would be If i changed one thing about myself, I hate thinking. I hate how know thinks like me. I hate waking up in the moring an thinking its a good day. I hate prorities. I hate wishing my life would be better. I hate thinking im different. I hate rich people, but not as worse a I hate poor people. I hate talkin when no-one is listening. I hate having to pull peoples weight around. I hate having a low self-esteem, I hate thinking that I don't have a low self-esteem. I hate pride, I really hate how my pride gets me into shit. I hate corperate america. I hate watching News on T.V., I hate that everything on news is FUCKED UP. I hate goals, I hate it more when i don't reach them. I hate people telling me there life stories, which try to make me feel sorry for them. I hate lies, I hate it when people do it to me and I know they are lying, I hate it when i lie to others. I hate the american dream, I hate it when the world fells like its crashing down on me. I hate the fact Im alone, I hate thinking that its okay to be. I hate everyone for staring at me. I hate when people tell u about "LIFE". I hate hope, I hate it more when ur crushed by it. I hate that Im not in perfect shape, I hate that I even care about that. I hate going to design college, I hate how my fuckin TEACHERS tell me That im not creative. I hate believing them, I hate that they are FUCKS for telling me so. I hate peacefulness. I hate birthdays, I hate that my family dont remember my birthdays. I hate not telling them, I hate it even more when it makes me sad. I hate that I throw away food, I hate thinking about the starving kids in africa. I hate That i give 2 shits about things, I hate how people dont give 2 shits about me. I hate complaisentcy. I hate doing the same shit every day. I hate not knowing how to spell properly. I hate bums, I hate that i give my money to them. I hate cheaters, I hate thinking that some Piece of shit Fuck head is on welfare when they don't need to be, I hate thinking that i could be making more money if It weren't for them. I hate older people because they are mature, I hate growing up and having to be that way. I hate how people try to cheer me up. I hate huggs. I hate people without a clue, I hate it when those MUTHERFUCKERS stab u in the back. I hate music. I hate that it can easily change my mood. I hate the police, I hate that I think about being a cop. I hate how things are right now, I hate thinking about what they might be. I hate thinking period. I hate that when Im right in an argument I don't get no apolpgies. I hate the fact that I 2m lazy. I hate givin a damn. I hate that I wish I could just say "FUCK-IT" and drop everything and go. I hate that things cost so much, I hate that I have to work to get these things that I dont need. I hate that people say that they are real, yet they wear sunglasses at night. I hate pressure. I hate being on time. I hate schedules. I hate feeling, I hate how I always think with my heart and not my head. I hate it when people take advatage of my kindness I hate pauses..............I hate that no matter how hard I try and fail, I feel that I could have done more. I hate how right now i have to get ready for work. I hate that I have to be nice to assholes at work because of FUCKIN customer service. I hate that my back hurts and nobody cares. I hate life, because it so fucked, fo me. I hate thinkin that I'm leaving in a dream, I hate the fact I know this is reality. I hate alot of thing for which just matter...to knowone. But what scares me the most is that I hate thing about is how different the world would be without me. So fuck everyone who's fucked me over and who'll come in my path in the fucked up future. to screw mw over FUCK YOU.

-- M.a (fuckme@fucuku.com), October 25, 2003.

I hate when you're young and hate everything and think things will get better when you're old, and then they don't. I hate being 40. I hate being under so much pressure to be thin and beautiful. I hate that there aren't more people that forgive little flaws on a person. I hate Howard Stern. I hate that he fuels our nation with the concept that every woman is shit if she isn't perfect. I hate when I judge another woman as being beautiful and then I overhear a man point out her flaws. I hate always being taken advantage of because I am helpful. I hate that being feminine and half-way decent looking makes people blind to the fact that you are very intelligent. I hate women who hate other pretty women. I hate people who are masters at making themselves look good by manipulating others into doing all the work and then take the credit for it. I hate that all the people on this forum thread have heavy hearts and are hurting. I hate that in spite of a bad childhood, people can't find a way to change themselves into a good person so that they don't raise their children like their parents raised them and keep the misery going. I hate when people put all their energy into envying you for things that you have instead of using that energy to work on how to get what they want. I hate when you grow up poor as dirt, are abused as a child, find a way to overcome it all, get an education that you paid for by yourself, get a good job, and finally get things you've only ever dreamed of having and then people make you feel guilty for having them. I wish these fuckers would die. I hate that I'm not the type of person that would rub it in their face on purpose. I hate that I feel guilty about having the things I have even though I earned every penny myself. I hate that I can't help all the people that are hurting. I hate that I can't win the lottery and do something good for underprivileged people with the money. I hate that I lay awake worrying every night about what people think of me. I hate that I try to do everything perfect but still feel like it's not good enough. I hate trying to find a decent psychologist who can help you alter your thoughts and actions instead of drag on about your childhood issues for weeks and months costing you thousands of dollars with no personal progress. I hate that I am more cognizant of things like this than most of the doctors I've met. I hate cocky mother fucking doctors who think they are God. I hate when you try being friendly to another person and they look at you with a stone face like you are from mars. I hate waiters or waitresses that are too friendly, so friendly that it seems fake. I hate when they come back every 2 seconds to ask you if everything is ok to where you can't even enjoy your food. I hate that I loathe myself for things that I think I've said wrong and offended someone. I hate when people don't consider other people's feelings when they talk to them. I hate when someone misinterprets what you've said and are offended and you can't take it back or defend yourself. I hate that I hate being part of a crowd. I hate liking being a loner. I hate wishing most ignorant, inconsiderate fucks would burn in hell. I hate people with addictive personalities and go to the extreme on everything - drugs, booze, sex, gambling, religion, whatever. I hate that it seems to me that religion is a big fat lie told to the population for thousands of years just to keep them in line. I hate that every specific religion thinks that THEIR way is the only way to heaven. I really really really hate arrogant, holier than thou, church people who look down on you for not converting to their way of life. I like wishing they would all burn in hell. I hate it that I act better than most religious people. I hate thinking God is not real and does not look out for you or answer prayers. I hate that little babies and children suffer at the hands of sick, psychotic people who can't find a way to control themselves nor want to. I hate the greedy mother fuckers in the US and other countries who use orphaned children to make money, I'd like to take all of them and submerge them into an ocean of boiling oil. I hate people who drive too slow. I hate that I hate my step father but for my mom's sake pretend to be freindly when I see him. I hate it when people blame their misfortunes on everyone but themselves, even when it's obvious that it's their own damn fault they're in the trouble they're in. I hate bitches that hit on your husband or act all flirty around them when you go to the bathroom but when you come back they act normal. I hate that the school gives my son so much homework that he gets frustrated that he can't do it all and then gives up entirely. I hate that the school punishes kids for skipping school by suspending them (does that make ANY sense whatsoever?). I hate that I have to see my children endure the abuse of bullies at school. I hate when other parents deny that their children ever started a problem at school. I hate that I have so many other things that I hate that I don't have time to list all of them... I do love all of you on this forum though, for taking the time to list the things that YOU hate, it makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who hates so many things.

-- olderbutstillhate (doesitmatter@no.com), January 02, 2004.

I am the rich, beautiful, popular asshole you hated in highschool. And guess what, I'm still rich and HAPPY. I hate all you losers, scum of the earth - you are waste of air for the beautiful people, go on kill yourselves and make life better for us. The only thing in my life worth hating is YOU.

-- Hahahaha (kac@fucku.com), January 27, 2004.

I'll be short and honest. I can't hate anything or any one. There was a time when I did however, hate every damn thing, even God. Eventually I just got tired of hating, tired of trying to kill myself just so I wouldn't feel the emptiness in me. I realized that since I exist, I must have purpose. I'm trying to find out what that is. That's what keeps me going.

-- Mike .P (sober_trip@yahoo.com), March 07, 2004.

I hate money. I hate the fact that my parents buy BMWs but make me feel guilty for going to an expensive college. I hate the fact that the poor people in this town make me the villain. I hate the fact that everyone in this town is poor. I hate the fact that the people who are as rich as me do drugs. I hate the fact that I vowed never to complain because I know how much life sucks for other people, and here I am complaining because I have too much money. I hate the fact that I want to dump my girlfriend just because she doesn't understand what I'm gong through. I know that out of all of the people who read this, I'm going to be the only one feeling sorry for myself and I hate anyone who won't let me. I hate the fact that I can't tell anyone about my problems except people I have never met. I hate the fact that I don't belong anywhere. I hate the fact that this town sucks and it's people suck but I can't do a damn thing about it. I hate myself for complaining and I hate myself for not having the guts to run away. I hate materialism. I don't hate the person who stole my wallet a week ago, I just hate the fact that I think I deserve it. I hate the religious fanatics in this town who make me afraid to say, "God Help Me." I hate the fact that I chose to leave a place where I belonged and I hate the fact that I haven't gotten over it. Fuck.

-- Johnny Fakename (MrGeniusFace@myway.com), March 30, 2004.

I dont hate anything about myself, beacuse i live my life for others. I find happiness in small things at thats why i dont hate anything.

-- Nataniel Eskil Kristoffersen (eskil100@hotmail.com), April 09, 2004.

At least u guys have ppl to care about.

-- WHO CARES (RoachT-103@msn.net), April 18, 2004.

I hate being a human. I wish I were a cat.

-- Cyd-Charisse (hobbitsrock@hotmail.com), April 19, 2004.

i hate the fact that i cant handle normal every day life. i hate the fact that there is never enough time to do everything. i hate that i have to doubt everything good so i dont get fucked over. i hate that im never goog enough no matter how hard i try.i hate tha \t this world is one big fucking lie. i hate that i feel like im old and burnt out even though im not even 20 . i hate that i cant just accept to hate and i keep asking why i hate all this shit. i hate that i might be wrong. i hate the way personalities are so fake.. like they wear masks and when you are yourself and open the look at you like you are crazy and deep down they hate you and are jealous that you had the balls to do it. i hate that im going to have to stop giving a fuck about allot of shit so i can be at peace.i hate assholes for fucking with my head. i hate that once i get 35 no one will want to fuck me.i hate it when people pretend to understand when they have no fucking clue. i hate it when they do have a fucking clue but they pretend they dont understand so they can pretent they are normal.i hate that the things i hate are not gonna fit so ill stop soon. I HATE AUTHORITY AND WHEN PEOPLE USE POWER TO HURT OTHER PEOPLE.i think tv and society fucked us all up and gave us all the wrong meanigs ..this is what love is supposed to be like this is what happiness is like this is what family is like and when you grow up you gonna be a star and rich and beautifull but its all bullshit. it was all a lie and im pissed off that i cant do shit about it. the only people that think they are happy and correct today are all fucking blind sheep waiting to be slaughtered. no one really knows what happy is and no one knows what their purpous in life is

-- life is a shi sandwitch and everyday we take another bite (nothing@nowhere.com), July 02, 2004.

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