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Hi all. I just found and started shooting on a No.2 Brownie. I had the film developed, but the film shop said that the film was seemingly scratched by the camera, making a number of the shots unprintable. I'm pretty sure that I loaded the film correctly, but am not sure what may have scratched the film. Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks. Lynn

-- lynn huber (, April 08, 2002


Re : "Scratches on film from a Brownie 2"

This may depend on which Brownie No.2 you have, but assuming the scratches are on the emulsion-side of the film, the chances are the film guides at either end of the film gate are rusted. If the "unprintable" negs are the first few on the film, it's probable the film itself managed to "clean" the film guides for you, in part at least. These guides should be clean and shiny, use metal polish, NOT sand paper or emery cloth to polish them.

If you need further detail, I'll need to know exactly which model camera you have, also the nature of the scratches and where on the film they occur.

-- Chris Eve (, April 09, 2002.

A friend of mine owns a No. 2 Brownie, and the innards are all-wood, and the film slides along a piece of fuzzy felt at top and bottom of the frame. Do you have this type? If so, the felt may be wearing away and the film might be getting scratched on the exposed wood. It should be easy enough to repair or replace this with a similar substance, probably available at a fabric store.

If this is not the case, run your fingers over every inside surface, checking for rough spots.

-- Pete Lutz (, April 09, 2002.

Thanks for your answers and suggestions. The model I have is "F" and it is all metal inside.

I think you may be correct in suggesting that the film "cleaned" the guides, since a number of the images seem to have come out clean. Personally, I like the effect of the scratches on some of my images. In fact, in one image that I have digitally enhanced, I have emphasized the scratch lines. I'm going to shoot another roll and see what I come up with.

Thanks again. Lynn

-- lynn huber (, April 09, 2002.

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