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Some went out last Thrusday, some went Saturday, and the last were picked up today. A total of 60+ birds went to 5 new homes. I kept apx 1/3 of what I originally had.

All have found excellent homes with Countrysiders! :-) Got an email from the one who picked up their's on Saturday and they're already getting eggs. ooooooooooooh but it is soooooooooo quiet out there now!!!! This has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Felt like I was giving away my kids. Though I am sad and missing my chickens - I have a lot of comfort from knowing they will be well cared for. Everyone was so excited and happy to receive them. And a VERY big PLUS is that the 2 who each got a Delaware rooster along 3 hens are planning on breeding them. And a 3d wants some of my DE eggs to hatch. Soooo - this will help to increase their numbers.

All in all - a kinda hard thing for me to do but neccessary, and there's some very happy people right now. A win-win.

We have been looking for homes for them since Oct, knowing we needed to do so before we moved later this year, and had had absolutley no luck. One post on Countryside and they were all spoken for within a matter of less than an hour!! MOST amazing. This forum is somehing else!!! I REALLY appreciate it and all the good folks who participate!!!

-- dottie - in E Shore MD (, April 08, 2002


Dottie, it's hard to believe that those birds can really get under your skin (in a nice way). It gives me great enjoyment each day to listen and watch my hens. I understand....

-- Ann Markson (, April 08, 2002.

A big Thank you to Dottie for my new Delawares. They have to stay at a friend's house but I'm tickled with having them just the same. I'm excited about hatching chicks from them and if theres anyone close enough to pick some up when it happens I'd be glad to share and get this breed established some more. If anyone can tell me ore about them I'd appreciate it. Also, I have to say this, if anyone gets a chance to meet someone on this forum - do so. We really enjoyed meeting Dotte and visiting with her. She has the most interesting home and wonderful chicken pens.

-- Gloria - also onthe eastern shore (, April 09, 2002.

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