I'm having a day-and it's not good!!! sewing-not!!!

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I really hope I'm the only one having a day like mine! Took my one sewing machine in yesterday to have fixed after I dropped it-never got to use it either,butterfingered it coming out of the auction. Got ready to sew my exchange squares and blew a breaker. Tried again and the darn cord broke off my old favorite machine. Pulled out the back up and it's not picking up the thread the way it's supposed to. Changed some parts around and got the old favorite back to sewing.(thought I was going to have to sew on the treadle to get these things done) Are you sure you still want them by the end of the month??:) It's now 1:40 in the morning and I'm taking a break from the aggrevation to check out what's going on here and where DH was messing around with the pc it's now acting wacky. I'm about ready to give up for the night. And here I was all ready to have a sewing marathon to get these done in the next couple of days! I hope this isn't a sign of how the week's going to go.

-- Terri in WV (mrs_swift_26547@yahoo.com), April 08, 2002


Oh Terri! Boy, I have been there! Remember, it is just the moment...try again later! In His Grace, Sissy

-- Sissy (iblong2Him@ilovejesus.net), April 08, 2002.

Oh, Terri! I'm so sorry about that! When things like that start to happen to me-Oh yes, I've had LOTS of those days! I just quit, and start fresh the next day. I hope it goes better, and I think it will. Best of luck to you the rest of this week.

-- Kelly (homearts2002@yahoo.com), April 10, 2002.

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