l'ecume des jours

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I want to purchase the english translation (a good one) of L'ecume des jours.I know that there are few translations available : Mood Indigo or the foam of the days. I can not find it on amazon or at Barnes and Nobles. where can I find it? thanks for your help. Anne-F.

-- Anne-F. le rolle (alerolle@hgmp.mrc.ac.uk), April 07, 2002


Try the link to the Advanced Book Exchange on here http://www.toadshow.com.au/rob/vian/vian.htm

Search for Froth on the daydream by Stanley Chapman

There is some more info on this novel in the "novels" section.


-- Robert Whyte (rob@toadshow.com.au), April 07, 2002.

Alibris.com has some copies for sale. I bought one and the service was good.

-- Gae Bertol (Gbertol@aol.com), April 08, 2002.

I'm French and I'm translating L'écume des jours into English. it seemed to me that the previous translations (Chapman's especially) were much too "permissive", which hid the desperate side of the novel. I wanted to render the full creativity of the author, without exaggerating everything as zealous Chapman does ! It should be ready in August.

-- Jérôme Saulière (jeromeuh@freesurf.fr), June 01, 2002.

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