I am writing a book and need your animal health recipies!

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Hello Everyone - I asked a question a few days ago "is there an interest in natural health for animals?" and the response was overwhelming! I received many personal emails from folks who are desperate for information and where better to get that information than from the farmers working in the trenches dealing with these issues every day! If you have natural health mixtures, vet saving ideas, and such that you use on your animals and wish to be included in my online publication please send them in ASAP! It appears there is a large demand for this information, so keep it coming! Dr. Barb

-- Dr. Barbara D Stewart, N.D. (stewart1@oz-online.net), April 07, 2002


What is a home remedy/recipe worth these days?

-- BC (desertdweller44@yahoo.com), April 07, 2002.

How to make dog food: Take 1/2 frozen (freezer burned is fine) salmon, boil with 8 qts water, and 4 cups oatmeal or rice. Throw in any still good but wilted veggies, old herbs, etc. Boil until fish is tender. Remove any bones. Mash up fish. Cover, and cover with towels, etc to insulate. Leave overnight. Keep in refrigerator. Feeds 3 small to medium dogs for 1 week. Not a bad people snack in a pinch, either.

Offer kibbles for the rest.

This is a good receipe made with a turkey leg, also.

-- seraphima (seraphima@ak.net), April 08, 2002.

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