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If you do a lot of crafting and gift giving it often gets diffucult to remember what you made, for who, the gauge you made it in, pattern, etc.

Keep a file index handy and job on an index card all the particulars such as who it was for, how long it took to make, what pattern used, what book the pattern or instruction were in, size needles and yarn type, type of quilting thread used, etc. Then jot down how pleased you were with the results and what problems you encountered and how you fixed them.

Years from now when Aunt Sue wants a new sweater, or Cousin Clara needs a new painted box just like you made before, you will have all the particulars on it.

Also, we often forget how hard or easy a project "really was". Sometimes we get into a project again and suddenly remember it was much harder or time consuming than we remembered it being. Or ran into a problem and can't recall how you solved it.

-- Karen (, April 07, 2002

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