High Fiber bread recipes? And how do you calculate fiber content?

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I am looking for a recipe for white or wheat bread that has 3 or more grams of dietary fiber. I can buy the bread, but would prefer to make it myself. When I first started looking for higher fiber (storebought) bread, I was surprised to find that many of the breads I thought would qualify, do not contain more than 1 gram! And some I thought would be very low in fiber have 3 or more grams.

Also, can anyone tell me how to calculate the fiber content in a recipe? I have a book or two which shows the fiber content of many individual foods, but being mathmatically challenged, I don't know how to figure the total fiber content of a recipe and then translate it to a single serving. I'm on a diet which takes into account the fiber as well as fat, calories, etc., and many recipes give all the nutritional information EXCEPT fiber content. Can anyone help? Thanks!

-- Lenette (kigervixen@webtv.net), April 07, 2002


Try using your normal recipe and adding whaet bran, whets germ, oats, whole wheat flour etc... I have been experimenting with this with all of my recipes and I add these new ingredients until it just doesn't taste as good! It has nostly been experimental but generally replacing 1/2 to 2/3 of the white flour with these other ingredients still tastes prety good.

To figure the fiber, You need to know how many grams per serving. Like wheat germ for instance 1TBSP has 1 gram of fiber, so to increase the fiber by 1 gram you would need to add 1 TB for each serving.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (me@home.net), April 07, 2002.

Go to http://www.countrylife.net go to "bakery" then at top of page click on "Recipe Bin". Come to think of it believe the Recipe Bin is listed in the Discussions at top left when you first enter the site.

Anyway, search recipes for "High Fiber Bread" by Kay

This will be very high fiber, also the dough will be rubbery to the touch. May need to add little extra liquid but not too much. Make/bake in bread machine or use a mixer or hand and make old fashion way and bake in oven. This is a good bread but is a little on the heavy side.


-- Marie (rainbarrel55@yahoo.com), April 07, 2002.

Thank you, Melissa and Marie!

-- Lenette (kigervixen@webtv.net), April 08, 2002.

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