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Does anyone here think NC sucks big arse? I do!! All the people at school are fuckin preps and I hate them....oops...i'm being ignorant......anyway Have any of u guys heard of this drug called Skittle?? my friends in Cali just discovered it and they said it's like e but in a smaller's pretty fuckin awesome is wat they said....but i wouldnt know because IM ALL THE WAY HERE IN STUPID NC.....err

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002


I don't know shit about skittles, but NC does suck.

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

Hell sucks...some people are just straight out haters...i mean, this one chic my friend told me bout that's never even met a raver says says they suck and shit like that...and it's like shut the fuck up and stop being ignorant..

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

OK OK calm down... NC is not New York or Calli we have established that but just because you don't hear about it doesn't mean that it doesn't go down..... I know that you feel trapped and there is nothing you can do about it but thinking like that is only going to bring you down.... First of all you have the (Internet) only the #1 source of info anywhere.... Try if you want to know where you can find a party... And you shall receive.... I hope that this helped you and I hope you find somthing that brings your spirits back up......

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

First of all, I think these are HS kids and the party scene around here is mainly directed toward 18 and over, which I think is awesome. The scene around here needs some help, granted, but it IS out there. The promotors in Charlotte and Raliegh/Durham area are doin a damn good job gettin the it hyped up. Then not to mention the scenes I don't check out that much, but I have experienced, which are Wilmington and Boone/Asheville.

Advice for you....wait til your in college honey then YOU WILL LOVE NC!!!

MUAHZ! Jen :)

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2002

FUCK YES NC SUCKS! as far as that other dumb shit in the list of resposes i don't know or care to except that the person who wrote the one just before mine is a real lame...i'd laugh at you if i ever saw you at a rave..and you must be a real hillbilly mentioning some country ass boone and ashville...fucking mountian if any of my old nc friends happens to see this e-mail me...i'm living in baltimore city now

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2002

NC is for loser jock preps, and I hate it here... They dont know shit for nothing about good electronic music.. Fools are still stuck in the 80's out here.. Its hella weak I think.. People are still whipped on eminem and shit... Yall NC Mutha fucka's dont know SHIT about Nu Skool Breaks fools. So go back to being Farmer John and YEEEEEE HAAAAAA. Its all about California bitch...

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

Boon is where the Kind is FOOL. And if u lived out in a rural place in NC I would laugh because you would hate life as much as I do. NC is a bunch of closed minded individuals but then again isnt it like that every where you go. I mean damn

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

Fuck yes...this place is for fucking preps. I have never seen so many fuckin rednecks and barbie dolls in one school. ANd fuck....the preps fuckin suck!!! No offense to any (preps and barbie dolls) that are cool, but yea, they are soo fucking narrow-minded. They talk about nothing but nonsense shit and are nothing but ignorant!!! And yes, I am from cali...and CALI KICKS ASS!!!! And yes, I live in a rural place by Charlotte called Huntersville (hicksville's wat i call it). I hate this shit hole!!!!

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

hell yea nc sucks. i just movied up here from so cali. and i have no one to talk to witch really does suck. if anybody knows about any raves in nc e-mail me and ill go. then nc might get a little better but i dont think it will change any. so cal kicks ass.

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2002

this is a fucking-boring ass- redneck-kkk-city with no nightlife, there are no clubs banging or anything similar the peeps here are stuck up as hell there is not stupier than this city the only thing to do here it's work and think what the hell am i doing this weekend there is nothing like Miami Hometown, the city where you get laid wwirth out a lexus or a bmw, haha!

-- Anonymous, May 20, 2002

I can tell all you NC haterz are from the Eastern half of the state... the Piedmont region at least. And you know what? Your part of the state DOES suck! Ha! I would never go there...

Us 'ignorant mountain people' in the far western edge of the state have it fucking going on like you can't even dream about. And I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else here, I'm just saying you need to roll up into the mountains and find out... Asheville is so far from being a hick town ya just don't know... 3/4 the freak population of San Francisco in a town of 70,000 ppl, 3-day outdoor raves every warm month of the year (often more than one), REAL people with light in their eyes and brains in their heads... multiple regular club nights and resident DJ's of all genres.


so I can sit back and laugh when flatlander foolz disrespect- I know I'm chillin in the mountains with my party family, passin' the dankest herbs around the tribal fire, more high and free than the haters will ever be...

(this has been a public service announcement)

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2002

yeah NC sucks fortunatly i only have to go there to visit my parents i live in ATL but hey check out they have some party listings

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2002


-- Anonymous, November 22, 2002


-- Anonymous, November 24, 2002

NC, i hate niggers, them damn arabs, and them fuckin mexicans. Yall just god damn yankees who dont have a fuckin life. Us down here in Nc just chill in the fields at night and drink and smoke, and talk shit about niggers, and yankees. Come down here, and u might get ur damn asses kicked, thats wh the god damn KKK is here for all of yalls asses!!!!! NC KICKS ASS!!!!! NIGGERS SUCK!!!!! WHITES AND AMERICAN INDIANS ARE THE SHIT AND THE REAL AMERICANS!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2002

No wonder you don't like it here... Most of us can spell, and you obviously, can't. Of course not being able to smoke Skittle or whatever you're frying your brain on probably doesn't help. Go back to school or get your GED, you brain-dead fuckwad. Or, back to NYC or Cali. Doesn't matter, either way.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2002

I misspelled you and what wrong. Big fucking deal. Who gives a fuck anyway? That's got NOTHING to do on why I don't like it here dumbass. And you don't smoke skittle. Plus, it's non of your damn business if people fry their brains off...I don't. I was just curious if anyone has heard about it. And even though I have done shit before, it doesnt mean I'm a "braindead fuckwad" dumbass. I know quite a few people that has "fried their brains off" and are still on top.

And I know more NC people that can't spell right compared to Cali people and NY people combined. Oh and I would gladly leave this shitty state for Cali or NY if I was able to...but I'm not. This state has NOTHING to offer anyway.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2002

Did anyone read telepod's response?I was going to go off on how N.C. is the shit...but that person sumed it up perfectly. except boone shares the scene.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2003

I don't think NC. sucks I just think it is slower compared to a real city like Kansas City,MO like where I am from I've been here for 7 weeks. In response to jason wade (z71,You racial boy need a history lesson "NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS" which I am half CHOCTAW or CHOCTAWS and BLACK AFRO-AMERICAN,they don't care for rednecks or being liked by them "DUMB-ASS". THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2003

i don't know ABOUT NC but Miami sucks. I all the time see "yo,yo,yo" people grabbing their balls and smoking pot thinking they are all that. I see so much poverty and beggars. I one day was walking back to my house and these two stray dogs out of no where attacked me. Everything is written in Spanish. Even the fucking graffiti. Come On! This is America; not a third-world country like Cuba. Fuck Miami. Why can't miami be like Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm Beach!? Even the grocers do not know what they are doing. When they are bagging food, they place the 2-liter bottles of soda with the bread.What a bunch of dumbasses!

-- Anonymous, January 25, 2003

Any of you who says NC sucks needs to stay in your own damn state and quit talking about ours. You come down here and talk about NC to us and you might get sent home with an ass whooping you'll never forget. So all you damn yankees stay up north and leave us alone.

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2003

"you might get sent home with an ass whooping you'll never forget. So all you damn yankees stay up north and leave us alone."

Lol. I live in North Carolina it is the worst state EVER. NC Sux.

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2003

BTW: I'm not saying everybody in NC is dumb, there is some cool people in NC, but the state itself and some of the people here are the worst things on the United States map.

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2003

NC is the greatest state to live out of the 50 states. We are very fortunate to have a climate where it snows in the winter and is 97 degrees in the summer. We have the mountains, beach, and metropolitain subruban areas with small town appeal. Our higher education system is unmatched in prestige. If you do not like NC...leave. The world is huge and you should never stay anywhere you do not wish to be, but if you do not have the "guts" to leave NC....Do not disgrace the name our beautiful tarheel home.

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2003

N.C. Dose not SUCK but the damn law enforcement are all dumb ass bitches

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2003

TO: steve (

I have the guts to leave this state. It's just that I'm UNDER 18 and I HAVE to live with my parents. When I'm done with high school, I'm definitely leaving.

And I posted this when I first moved here. I don't completely hate it now. But saying that NC is the greatest state is YOUR opinion. It's not a fact. You're right that it has mountains, beaches, and metropolitan suburban areas with small town appeal..but California has that too. So do other states, not all, but there are others. And the education system, isn't all that great. From what I hear, the public school system isn't exactly in the top 25 greatest in the US. If you're talking about college/university wise, you might be right...but California can beat NC.

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2003

YO YO YO YOY YO YO YO YO!!!!!!!! mIAMI IS off the Chain. Ghetto. fuck u jacob!!!

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2003

John u suck goat cheese in old country. I will tell Vlade in Yugoslavia. U r a sphincster. U bloody milosevich bastard. choke on ur old country pretzel. i fart in ur general direction.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2003



-- Anonymous, April 21, 2003

nc is a hot bed for the drum and bass sound and many dj come to nc and know that we know how to get down. there is all kinda places you can go and do here in nc.what i think is that if you cant find anything to do that doesnt suck then in my opinion you are the problem that makes things suck in your life massive respect to all people that support dnb in nc and the world abroad!

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2003

Fuck NC! NC is such a boring swamp ass place to be. NC people CANT PART WORTH OF SHIT CAUSE THEY ARE A BUNCH OF FUCKING REDNEKCS! Hey, I think you fucking rednecks need to go back to school and learn REAL AMERICAN HISTORY. Fuck the Rednecks, the Yankees are all about what America is. You need to learn your fucking history lessons over and get it right bitch. And Yah Im from Miami SO YO YO YO YO YO YO BITCH ATLEAST WE CAN PARTY AND GET LAYED ON BY SOME FINE LOOKING WOMEN THAN YO UGLY BITCH ASS MOUNTAIN GIRLS! All I see from NC are a bucnh of stuck up snobs who dont know shit about today. Atleast LA, NYC and Miami know how to get down and jiggy wit it bitch! hahah yo yo ! piece out homies!

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2003


-- Anonymous, May 17, 2003

NC sucks! I'm also from Tampa, Florida, and I'll say this first and foremost. Study Tampa and Cailfornia. Then compare them to NC. TOTAL OPPOSITES! I've talked to many people from NC, and I even had an "Internet relationship" with one, until a year ago yesterday, when she told me that she had lied about her age by two years. I've also talked to about a dozen of her friends. They're all stupid illiterates. I even talked to that person on the phone twice. You wanna talk rednecks? I've got your damn redneck! They can't spell, and they lie all the time. What happened on May 16, 2002 was that she broke up w/ me and dumped me for some redneck son of a bitch. But I recently found out where he is now. You wanna know? A MENTAL INSTITUTION! Yes, he got put in a mental institution, and apparently that makes him a normal NC native. I don't even consider NC a part of America anymore. They can call themselves "West Iraq" for all I fucking care. By the way, the S.O.B.'s name was Codey, and he was quite a faggot. Other people who I talked to were named Melissa, Zach, and I might eventually remember about the others. By the way, who said that stuff bout them liking Eminem and 80s music? WHAT A GENIUS! The people I talked to always talked bout that, and one of them even had the nickname "Slim Shady." It was the brother of my "ex-g/f" I believe, who's like 20 or something. By the way, the g/f's name was Bailey. For seven months, there were lies bout age. This is not your typical state, and my opinion, it isn't even a state! I swear on my life that all of this stuff is true. It's unbelievable how I could carry so much hate for a state. I live in Tampa, and I also love California, especially San Diego, where I have rich relatives. I visited them in July 2001, and it was great! Great houses, cars, and a hell of a city! That could pretty much be considered "Tampa's sister." I love Tampa, I love California, and I have something in common with all of them, and all of you...NC SUCKS!!!

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2003

first off, there is nothing wrong with preps unless they do something to you. hate only after being hated on. and I'd like to comment on this part of an above post "wait til your in college honey then YOU WILL LOVE NC!!!" no, I don't think anyone will love NC. I will tie you all to a cross and burn it!!

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2003

NC Sucks! Woah mountains! What good are those? THE LAST THING NORTH CAROLINA HAS IS ANYTHING EVEN CLOSE TO A CITY. North Carolina is the worst state ever. And why don't I move? Because I'm not 18 you idiot. Forget forests & mountains...

-Two Forty Eight

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2003

O.k. all you dumb asses first things first. If you don't like N.C. then fuckin leave, duh. Jesus man, do you think all of us are a bunch of illiterate retards? Well i've lived here all my life and by all the venomous bullshit you're spitting out my dumb redneck ass shouldn't be able to form a worthy thought much less spell. You people are pathetic, I mean do you have nothing better to do than post on message boards all day spitting out hate over a piece of land? You dumb fuckers its just lines on a goddamn map you fucking mongoloids, I mean really its a manmade fuckin line. Get off your computer and go get a life my little invalids. Is this all you have to do between your porn filled spankfests? Fucking fags go and and get some pussy for chists sakes, you sound like a bunch of pre- pubescent fucking poser crackheads. Put the keyboard down, and step away slowly, then run for your fuckin life. If I ever met you in the street and you called me a redneck you would recieve the beating of your soon to be ended life. Of course this wouldn't happen because I don't look like a redneck and I don't talk like one either. You people are beneath me. Seriously though you really do fuckin suck and if you got somethin to say then say what ya gonna say. Just remember who your sayin it to. And if N.C. is so fucking bad how come a fuckin billion pollocks from Ohio come here every fucking year? I don't recall having fucking asked for an influx of fuckin yankees myself. Am I using to many fucking complicated words for ya? Maybe you can understand if I say it slower......... l e t i t g o b i t c h i t s o v e r .

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2003

P.S. To any of you idiots that want to point out that I misspelled "receive" in the above diatribe I didn't proofread, here is my official fuckin retraction. Oh yeah, I could have got my point across just as well without profanity, but alas I must resort to the language of our detractors so there........ assholes hah hah

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2003

Lol. The first thing you said was if we don't like NC then leave. MAYBE YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND NOT EVERYBODY IS BORN AT AGE 18 AND HAS A CAR, YOU STUPID FAGGOT. Seriously, you are implying that we have no life and you are doing the same exact thing, posting on a discussion board about "lines on a map." If I ever seen you in the street, then, oh... wait... North Carolina doesn't have streets. To shorten it all - North Carolina sucks, and you're a homo.

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003


-- Anonymous, June 20, 2003 Listen faggot, I'm from Tampa, Florida, and I've spent many hours comparing my city with your state, and Tampa and NC are EXACT opposites. The Bucs won the Super Bowl, and the Panthers suck in every way possible. Rodney Peete is nothing but a has-been. At least the Bucs have Brad Johnson and Shaun King to throw the damn ball. The Tampa Bay Lightning is a rising, promising hockey team, while the Hurricanes only moved to NC because Connecticut didn't want them. The Devil Rays...well, at least there IS a Major League Baseball team (NC has the team's AAA affiliate...see why all the minor league players suck?). In Arena Football, the Tampa Bay Storm had the 2nd best record and won the title...the AFL Comissioner deemed Tampa the "Football Capital of the World," and it's just an hour and a half from Orlando, the Theme Park Capital of the World. And the AFL's Carolina many games did they win the WHOLE season? Oh yea, I remember now...let me see...week 1, lost, week 2, lost, week 3...oh, that's right...ZERO! But this isn't just about sports. NC people lie about their age all the time. I've been a victim of it myself with several people, all from NC. They use stupid words, their voices sound like they're getting castrated, and they all think they're so superior. It's been told that a top aide of Osama bin Laden was educated in NC. And where is the person who is temporarily running Iraq for the Coalition forces from? Central Florida. You people have no value, and you are a disgrace to America. They should just forfeit their statehood to PUERTO RICO, and get their disgraceful asses out of the union. I could say how Tampa kicks ass, especially over NC, all week, but I'll spare it for possible future posts. You MIGHT see more from me in the future, and until next time, remember that all NC people are fags, and I am out.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2003

liquid lord has proved how stupid NC is! thank you. you sir, are the biggest dumbfuck EVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR born. Noone's gonna see you on the street and call you a redneck, because NOONE in NC is SMART ENOUGH to know what a redneck is. Now, continue to sit in the middle of the street playing with your 8 year old girl friend. anyway, NC sucks, plain and simple!

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2003

Well, we have many supporters of our cause, and a few detractors, also known as the losers or the jackasses. NC does indeed suck so much that I can't even bring myself to look at the name of the state. Big Red was exactly right on every issue he mentioned. The sporting teams suck, the girls are ugly, and Tampa, Florida, is the capital for football, pro wrestling, and possibly tourism. What is NC capital of? Let me think...ugly ass mountain girls. On a "Diva Search" for a certain company, there were two people from Florida, who were both hot-looking. One guess where the ugliest person was from. If you said NC, you have a future ahead of you. NC is also filled with parents who are so stupid that they walk their kids to kindergarten because they're in the same class. Big Red also said that NC should forfeit their statehood to Puerto Rico, and I agree with that. Or better yet, they should have just DIED a long time ago like the Confederacy did almost 140 years ago. If I had a choice between shooting Sadaam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden or blowing those NC fuckers up, I would say blow the fuckers up. Florida, California, New York, Ohio, and even FUCKING SOUTH DAKOTA, are all far above NC. Hell, Wyoming probably gets better tourism than the state of NC. What the hell do NC people have? Low-lying mountains? If I wanted to see REAL mountains, I would go to Colorado-at least the people out west have a goddamn shred of common sense. I also can't believe that somebody on here from NC called somebody else illiterate. All those HICKS are so uneducated that the leaders of the state government still attend 4th grade. One last thing before I go: I would gladly drive a bus into NC with the words "NC Sucks" spraypainted on it, and show it off to the world. Here's a joke to finish this off: What do you call a group of third graders? The graduating class of UNC Charlotte. Thanks, and have a nice fucking day.

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2003

This state does totally suck....worst bunch of rednex i have ever seen. Stupid ass "colored" people I might add....bunch of f*cking uneducated, low-budget, scandalous mo-fo's that I have ever met.....coming up and asking me for some change at the 7-11. get a f*cking job!!! nasty greaseballs. other then that, wilmington is alright....thats bout it...

-- Anonymous, July 27, 2003

im a dominatrix here in north carolina and it sucks.i kick the shit out of these dumb ass red necks and barbie dolls too. and the dumb asses pay me for it.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2003

north carolina sucks

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2003

North Carolina Sucks

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2003

Shucks, Morgan, I was thinking about offering to take you out for some sushi, but after reading what you wrote ... well, I guess we rednecks in NC would just mess it up and serve you the wrong part of a blow fish.

-- Anonymous, August 29, 2003

For the record there is a loser who has posted my email address on numerous online mailing subscriptions. I wouldnt have known about this thread except for a angry email I got.

I do honesty think North Carolina is a beautiful state compared to other states I have visited. A great place to bring up kids and live the American Dream etc. If you are seeking to be a drug addict then you will hate NC;-)Also if you do not live the conventional southern way, understand you are in the middle of the bible belt. If you hate it bad enough, just move.

*Btw, to the person who posted the stupid and immature post using my email address. You have been traced and will be reported to the authorities if you do not stop harrassing me!*

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2003

NC sux shit str8 out of the ass of God himself. I moved here 6 months ago and I fukin hate it. The town i live in isn't that small but everyone that i've met so far is some how related and I'M NOT FUKIN KIDDING! i've never seen such dumb ass ppl. it's boring, stupid, stuck up or a red neck named BoB aka Uncle Dad! This place SSSSSUUUUXXXXX!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, September 04, 2003

Charlotte NC sucks because there are too many fucking niggers here. We have rich niggers, poor niggers, and worst of all, the middle class niggers who have turned Charlotte NC into another Atlanta. The mountains of NC are OK because niggers are very scarce up there. LOL

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2003

The reason North Carolina sucks so much is because all the white girls are whores who fuck niggers.

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2003

everyone of yall get off your computer and get a life seriously get off now

-- Anonymous, September 29, 2003

What's up y'all? I'm from Boone NC. I've been looking through all these different things y'all have been making fun of us about and i think it's funny as shit. First thing that really caught my attention was "Big Red" as he calls himself is talking shit about how our sports teams suck. He says somthing about the bucs winning the superbowl last year and how he cursed the panthers when it happened. Then i remembered, about 2 weeks ago the panthers played the bucs, in memory might be a little fuzzy but didn't the panthers block two of gramatica's feild goal attempts and one extra point. Yeah i think that's how it went down. Also, im pretty sure the panthers went on to win that game. Some more stuff, all of you are making fun of how illitterate we all are. Whats all this "yo yo yo yo yo yo yo" shit, do you all have a little stu stu stu studdering problem? Wow, you all are incredibly big losers. Every year there are thousands of people from florida flocking to Boone. Most of these people that are in there teens and early 20s have to be the biggest losers i've ever seen. All of them talk all "ghetto" and wear gold chains and have there little pre-puberty mustaches aka trash stash, molester stash ect. Then they all have there little bucs jerseys and bucs hats and shit. Everyone there is the same. It seems to me like everyone is trying to fit into the cool crowd. One guy was talkin about how you have to have a BMW, Lexus or other luxury car to get laid. Obviously you have no game and rely on your parents to buy you a car that might get some girl to get in your car then you get her drunk the proceed to get her naked and eventually stick your little wee wee in her giner. Sounds fun to me! Another thing that caught my eye would be the statement about how we should give up our statehood to Puerto Rico. Looks like y'all have already given yours up to them. When i went down there a few years ago all I saw was a bunch of greasy hispanics tryin to be all "thugged out" and "gangsta." I personally think that your all a bunch of white trash peices of shit that think your too cool for the rest of the country. So go ahead, think about it, florida sucks.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2003

As a North Carolinian who has spent the past 7 years living in communist China, I'd have to say that so far all the things you've found not to be to your satisfaction are relatively small matters on a global scale. I will assume that those of you who would like to leave but, for your own reasons, cannot would be truly disappointed to relocate and find that, besides new faces and scenery, people are the same everywhere. Putting aside local languages, colors, accents, lifestyles, financial strata, we all interact quite similarly. I do miss North Carolina and a number of the people there. If it were not 1000 dollars and 16 hours to go home for a visit, I'd go more often. The bottom line on comparison is, any other place you go, you'll find it with its own set of problems, disappointments, and struggles. If that were not true, people over time would all have migrated to the places where troubles are fewer and opportunities greater (as indeed many Chinese and other third world people have shown in the case of America). So when you get down to the fact that you're all Americans, there really is no point splitting hairs over the differences of one state to the next. Whether you stay in North Carolina or not, it is already a part of who you are and that is irreversible. Embrace freedom and revel in the fact that you were born in such a fortuitous nation, overlook the very insignificant differences. Best regards to all.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2003

Fuck all you niggers and nigger luvers.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2003

"What's up y'all? I'm from Boone NC. I've been looking through all these different things y'all have been making fun of us about and i think it's funny as shit. First thing that really caught my attention was "Big Red" as he calls himself is talking shit about how our sports teams suck. He says somthing about the bucs winning the superbowl last year and how he cursed the panthers when it happened. Then i remembered, about 2 weeks ago the panthers played the bucs, in memory might be a little fuzzy but didn't the panthers block two of gramatica's feild goal attempts and one extra point. Yeah i think that's how it went down. Also, im pretty sure the panthers went on to win that game. Some more stuff, all of you are making fun of how illitterate we all are. Whats all this "yo yo yo yo yo yo yo" shit, do you all have a little stu stu stu studdering problem? Wow, you all are incredibly big losers. Every year there are thousands of people from florida flocking to Boone. Most of these people that are in there teens and early 20s have to be the biggest losers i've ever seen. All of them talk all "ghetto" and wear gold chains and have there little pre-puberty mustaches aka trash stash, molester stash ect. Then they all have there little bucs jerseys and bucs hats and shit. Everyone there is the same. It seems to me like everyone is trying to fit into the cool crowd. One guy was talkin about how you have to have a BMW, Lexus or other luxury car to get laid. Obviously you have no game and rely on your parents to buy you a car that might get some girl to get in your car then you get her drunk the proceed to get her naked and eventually stick your little wee wee in her giner. Sounds fun to me! Another thing that caught my eye would be the statement about how we should give up our statehood to Puerto Rico. Looks like y'all have already given yours up to them. When i went down there a few years ago all I saw was a bunch of greasy hispanics tryin to be all "thugged out" and "gangsta." I personally think that your all a bunch of white trash peices of shit that think your too cool for the rest of the country. So go ahead, think about it, florida sucks."

of everything you said, only the illeagle immigrant part is right. You obviously never been to Florida to say half of that shit. now go back to your imbreeding and quit bragging about 1 game win against a sporting team that most of us don't give a fuck about.

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2003

yes NC SUCKS MY ASS. good for nothing shithole which is filled with good for nothing preps. like ppl that walk around London (wear i live) wearing moccassins! i go to teh american school in london and it has alotta those nc idiots. its really annnoying and thetr all stupid and ignorant!

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2003


-- Anonymous, November 05, 2003

The last 3 replies all hit the nail on the coffin. Charlotte is shitty, NC sports teams DO suck (damn Steven Davis, I can't stand that bastard), and they're full of ignorant idiots. Only if these people could get the point: NC is the WORST STATE EVER, and more people are against it than with it, or defending it. I enjoy those NC idiots getting proven wrong about everything they say. And by the way, here's an example of that. That jackass who was talking about Spanish people going to Boone, NC all the time, that usually isn't Tampa people. It's usually Miami, which is a good couple of hundred miles south of here. Then there are rednecks like you people north of here. However, Tampa and Orlando are NOT redneck cities in the least bit (at least in this day and age), and they're not primarily Spanish either. It's 2003 now, get with the times. NC sucks, and so do all the defenders of the state, whether they're the inbred, incest illegal immigrant illiterate idiots (say THAT one 5 times fast), whether they're from the state or not (most likely they would be, because the only people who would ever...EVER be dumb enough to defend NC would be their own, unfortunate, educationally deprived natives). And I love a point that was made a long time ago on this forum by someone else, saying "If I want REAL mountains, I'll go to Colorado!" Absolutely hilarious, and once again, hits the nail on the coffin. All the points the NC people make are either stupid, half-assed, meaningless, futile comebacks, or they're so illiterate that they can't possibly be deciphered into real English. NC is almost all bad, and whatever good things that they might have are always topped by something else somewhere outside of that alleged state (all hail the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL, and the Tampa Bay Lightning of the NHL). And what ever happened to the Charlottle, oh, I mean NEW ORLEANS, Hornets of the NBA? I hope that one year in the forseeable future, they win the NBA finals just to get back at Charlotte. Hell, NC is just property that happened to be on the land of the continental United States. The only good thing you do for the government is pay your damn taxes, which can't be much, seeing as it comes out of a minimum wage income for the vast majority of families, seeing as no one can do any better due to the deprivation of education around those parts.

However, there is a huge misconception about NC, saying that no one there has a high school education. I'm sure some people MUST have a high school education. I'll even give the grading scale: Kindergarten is Freshman, 1st Grade is Sophomore, 2nd Grade is Junior, and 3rd Grade is Senior. Then 4th-7th Grades MUST be college, and an 8th or 9th Grade education must be the lawyers up there. After all, who the hell (besides Michael Jordan) EVER came out of that hellhole and got famous? Oh yeah, that's right, Michael Jordan got his fame in CHICAGO. I guess that makes no one, just like the answer the question "Who in NC has an I.Q. of over 50?" That's exactly what I thought, NO ONE DOES, EVER DID, OR EVER WILL. NC people are nothing but inbred, incest, American citizen wannabe, fat, out of shape, deformed, disfigured, mountain girl or mountain girl loving (which is sick as hell, by the way), corrupted, deprived, redneck pieces of shit! FUCK YOU!

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2003

and only about .000000000001% of your team's players come from NC.

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2003

NC sucks, plain and simple. The Panthers cheerleaders look like shit, their fans have the worst celebrations ever, and in general, NC is full of fat, ugly, out-of-shape, preppy, mountain-girl pieces of shit who can't understand why everybody else makes fun of them. Let's many pro sports championships has NC won? That's right, 0. The FLORIDA Marlins (though I don't like them) won the World Series last month, for the second time in their 11-year history. The Bucs won the last Super Bowl, the Miami Dolphins have won multiple Super Bowls, and the Orlando Magic went to the NBA Finals twice in the mid-90s. Now, does Florida have idiots? Yes, but just not as many or not as ignorant. Those people up there have no patience-there was a time where this bitch sent me a message, and when she found out I was away, she thought I was ignoring her and basically told me to fuck off. She is seriously retarded, just like the rest of them. Everybody I've ever dealt with from NC who has not been living here for a long time has been nothing short of a dumbass. Your state educates the world's top terrorists, and our state (Florida) is the home of the man who at one point was scheduled to be the leader of the new Iraqi government. I've heard that NC's lawyers are "dumb as a box of rocks" and appear to be uneducated. Same appears to go for 99% of the rest of the state. If I was running a business, no doubt I would boycott NC.

Message to NC: Send your fat, out-of-shape, Abercrombie-wearing Carolina hicks down here and see what we do about it. The best part is, you don't know my real name, which means you can't find me-I'll just have to find you. I can tell who you are by a face structure that makes you look inbred, an out-of-shape frame, a hick accent, and no brains. If I were to go up to NC, I would only go in a car with "NC Sucks" painted on it, and I would proudly drive right into Charlotte in the NC Sucks Car. The bottom line: the only smart people I've ever seen from NC are those who moved to Florida, and the whole state is shit. I'm out.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2003

Listen, NC is straight, but I lived in LA all of my life, I was used to the stupid ghetto shit, and fuck yeah, im glad, compton is unreal, NC isnt on the map for being real, its one of the greatest places to live, its not covered in ghetto, it also attracts people, a beautiful state, its not the state, its the people, but coming from somewhere like CA, or NY, i can understand how you might not like it, NC is better known for country, not the ghetto shit.

-- Anonymous, December 23, 2003

Im bored



-- Anonymous, December 23, 2003

Im bored



-- Anonymous, December 23, 2003

God help the country if these rants are representative of our capacity for civility and intelligence.

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2004

da party scene is hella tight, just cuz you don't hear about it doesn't mean it doesn't go down, niiigga. you will luv NC when you in da collegeeee. you don't know shit about Nu Skool Breaks, fooooool. so shut the fuck up you ignant biaaaaaaaaaatch.


-- Anonymous, February 10, 2004

Know what else sucks? Cake. Cake pisses me off soooooo much. And so does speakers and cell phones. I mean WTF? Why do we need all these crazy things? I mean who listens to music and eats cake? NC has a lot of cake, so it definitely sucks. I mean I've never been there but I hear they listen to lots of speakers and talk on cell phones and eat cake occasionally. WTF man? FUck NC and all its cake.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2004

"Charlotte NC sucks because there are too many fucking niggers here. We have rich niggers, poor niggers, and worst of all, the middle class niggers who have turned Charlotte NC into another Atlanta."

Hey, at least people want to move here.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2004

you hate NC?? try fuckin living in indianapolis!

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2004

So instead of arguing over all this petty ignorant crap and proving that the majority of those supporters of the "yankees" and "rednecks" who posted here are equally ignorant, then focus your attention on acheiving what you want done...which is, if you recall, WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO HERE! I am from SC and grew up riding dirt roads and drinking pabst blue ribbon, throwing field parties and all those great things that make the south fun for the southerners, but I've also gone out into many other parts of the world and seen the things that are offered in differnt places. Be open minded. It's not all bad and it shouldn't be about your image. When I was in school I used to listen to political rock as well as all the country that everyone was listening to. Well, people talked shit about my taste in music then, but when I go home I hear them playing it. Now I go home and listen to trance and they talk shit, but in several years they will be listening to similar music. We're all ignorant to some things, but acknowledge that, put your pride to the side and learn from everyone around you. You may think most of what they have to say is a bunch of shit, but you will have opened your eyes to something new, and that makes it worth while. If anyones down with starting a good scene around here, then email me....I'm looking to get some events going.


-- Anonymous, February 21, 2004

Mauri you're so right. This country is doomed.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2004

i eat lunch. i eat salad. who else eats mango's? i do i do!

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2004

First off let me say im not from NC im from New York, so the "you just a dumb redneck" doesn't apply to me. I lived in West Palm Beach, FL for about 9 years and North carolina for 2. Why do you people from FLORIDA and CALIFORNIA look down on north carolina? Do you realize that us northerners look down on FL and CALI? North carolina isnt that bad of a state. Charlotte is a nice city and isnt gritty and crime ridden like many older cities. North carolina has better schools then cali and fl, especially fl. I went to high school in lake worth high school in west palm and its outragiously overcrowded. Over 3000 kids. Also, north carolina has something neither florida or california have, history and culture. In cali and florida they dont share a mutual culture like they do in NC, they all stick to their own cultures (ex. cuban or haition culture in miami). And dont think tampa is so great, the whole city is like one giant strip mall, ansolutly no character. I like St Petersburg more than tampa because its a beach town and is a little more dense (or at least it seemed like it). I also semi-like west palm because it has a little bit of a history but it really doesnt have any sense of community. But if you ask me tampa is sort of "hickish" compared to the east coast of florida, mabye its just me though. Also alot more old peoeple then we had where i lived. Anyway, basically north carolina is a fine place to live and raise a family but if you are into the party scene there really isnt much (at least in charlotte there isnt). And may i add that it seems like there is alot of queers in california. New york city rules all.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2004

Hi Kids! I am the star of Beverly Hills 90210. Boy I can sure use some pickles right now. Pickles are dandy. Pickles are Green. Pickles are natures way of giving you a big hug. I was accused of molesting a pickle and a wrinkled shrew but fuck that. I sure could use a tasty pickle right about now. Hot dog tuxedos for everyone!

Steve Sanders

-- Anonymous, March 05, 2004

When was the last time you were in the Tampa Bay area? I've lived here my whole life, and it's a good place to live (once you get around those hugely overcrowded schools, which a new statewide amendment might change in the next few years, anyway), and the prepiness of some parts of the city. I would advise to stay out of Ybor City (a main area of the city) if you wanna stay away from many of the preps and drunk people. There are better parts of the area, like where I live, which is Carrollwood. St. Pete is also a fairly good place, and it's very crowded, but then again, so is the rest of Tampa, and I love city life. And Tampa was a redneck city until people moved down south and changed the face of the city. Because of its location, there will always be rednecks here and there, but north Florida is full of them. Daytona Beach has more hicks than people think, and Tampa is very ethnically diverse, full of people from all walks of life, not just rednecks like it was until the 60's or maybe even 70's. No offense to New York, Florida, or California (where some of my relatives live), as I think they all have some positive qualities. (They do, no doubt, have bad qualities as well.) I'm not ghetto at all, I'm as white as they come, and these are my opinions (and maybe a few facts) on Florida. As for NC, it's just been a lot of personal issues with them. That's it for now, I am OUT.

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2004

i live in tampa,FL. i hate this city my nodes dawg. asheville is a gas; it's fun and there arent no more pollution. tampa is a city that needs no fertilizer, my friend. and we make good champions of the world/ there are beaches, canadians, and hula-hoops> we are mostly white and love it! some coloreds seem nervouse if in the edge city of Brandon. Boston is better than most like philedalphia or montreal. california has earthquakes and I'M afraid of such. and i've never been there because I am afraid of their haircuts, decks, and beaners, whom I love with the intention of diaffected hate. in other words it's great to live in tampa (or tampon!)

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2004

Yankees need to go back north if they hate the south so much.

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2004

I can't talk about all of NC, but CHARLOTTE really sucks. The Yankees and Carpetbaggers come down here and want to make it just like it was up North. They convince the people that bringing in sports teams and other people is a good thing. In reality it just raises the taxes, drains resourdes, increases traffic , increases crime, etc. The corrupt politicians, like Mayor Pat McRory, go along with the scheme to further their bank accounts and/or their own agendas. The people here try to be so liberal and say that anything goes. They bragged about going to see "Angels in America" and supporting gays in the community. They build houses under the "Habitat for Humanity" banner for a bunch of people who are too trifling to go out and earn their own money and build their own house, then they talk about how great they are for building these houses. The people of Charlote voted not to spend their money on a new coliseum. The politicians here went ahead and decided to build a new coliseum without even having a team. We already have a surplus of buildings that are no longer being used that we need to get rid of, including 2 old coliseums. We have to give the sports teams tax breaks, land, and other perks so they can come here and so they can make a fortune, then they can hold us up and say they want another new coliseum, like George Shinn did. CHARLOTTE REALLY SUCKS AND IS FULL OF IGNORANT PEOPLE! IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT, JUST LOOK AT THE PROFANITY ON THIS PART OF THE SITE. These people cant find an acceptable word o use, so they use profanity. The "F" word can be used whenever you are too ignorant to find a better, more appropriate word to use. I intend to leave Charlotte soon, as fast as I can sell my house. Tax on, you bunch of corrupt politicians who have ruined Charlotte, tax on.

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2004

I am from norcal on the norht coast. Im moving to nc in the fall. Been there once, seemed ok. I like fishing/backpacking. There are not enough road signs/street lights there. Everyone seemed alright cept for one fool who called me a yankee. I asked him not to cuz im form n. cal( we weren't in the civilwar)the dumb-ass apologized(sort-of) and then said,"i figure anyone not from n.c. state is a yankee." what a fuckin idiot, i mean what about your sister to the south, and the rest of the south for that matter. is there good bud in nc? i fuckin hope so-heard horror stories of schwag,bammer bud

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2004

I wish I could answer you that NC didn't suck because there are some truly good people there. However! I lived there for two years working for state government and I gotta tell you I got up a half hour early every morning just so I had more time to hate it there. So many reasons...the Klan marched down my block in Raleigh. People used the word "nigger" in my presence and when I objected accused me of being high-and-mighty. There are no sidewalks, just malls and cars. Lastly, I actually met people who voted for Jesse Helms. Holy fucking shit. Before NC gets real on objections to their shortcomings they really need to do some self-reflection.

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2004

I wish I could answer you that NC didn't suck because there are some truly good people there. However! I lived there for two years working for state government and I gotta tell you I got up a half hour early every morning just so I had more time to hate it there. So many reasons...the Klan marched down my block in Raleigh. People used the word "nigger" in my presence and when I objected accused me of being high-and-mighty. There are no sidewalks, just malls and cars. Lastly, I actually met people who voted for Jesse Helms. Holy fucking shit. Before NC gets real on objections to their shortcomings they really need to do some self-reflection.

Oh, yeah...fuck skittle, unless you want your future kids to be sporting gills and shit.

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2004

Funny how many of these dipshits from Florida are making fun of NC. Hmm, which state's citizens are too dumb to even vote correctly? You dumbasses can't even figure out how to vote! Ha! And as for you pathetic white kid queers who pretend to be black & hip hop, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF OUR STATE! We don't want you here! You have nothing to contribute except your "Yo Yo" shit, and nobody gives the slightest fuck about your trash culture. We do not want our state contaminated by you. We have names for peole like you: Floridiots, Florons, etc...Also, please use all the drugs you can to fry what little brains you have to begin with. Then hopefully you'll be too braindamaged to reproduce and infect the rest of the World with your offspring.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2004

I'm white as fuck and rap is gay. And the argument that I hate the most coming from other people is that voting shit. It turns out that I'm anti-Bush. AND I'm from Florida.

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2004

This has got to be about the funniest board I've ever seen except sad in so many ways. Except for a few literate posts, there's nothing here but a bunch of whiners who have never, and never will contribute a thing or amount to much. A bunch of immature cry-babies who think they are impressing someone by cussing on a BBS, cannot spell, cannot form an English sentence, and sit around waiting for something good to happen to them while they whine about living where they live. Big deal!

You're what... 15 years old... and think you're all that? Who owes you what and why? What have you done? So you want to sit around in your school, just get by, smoke a little dope, run your pants half way down your ass, invent new ways to cuss, basically flunk out of school, just sit around chillin' with the buds, drinking a few brews, smoke two packs a day (cuz that makes you cool), and live off of the good life that daddy provides for you, while you sit back and whine about him.

You spend your days screwing up, come home and chill on the telephone, chat online, writing stupid stuff on boards like this, play video games, and listening to the tunes that your parents were dumb enough to buy for you, just to shut you up. The limits of what you accomplish in a day without being forced to are wipe your own ass and stand in the shower for 20 minutes washing your own filth off your own body... and feed yourself IF your momma actually makes you something.

You want to sit around listing to garbage music that either makes you think you must have grown up in the projects or that the whole world sucks, your life sucks, and it is everyone else's fault but your own. How do I know? Because you get on the computer that daddy bought, on the service that daddy pays for, and whine about not having anything to do with your life… and this is somehow someone else's fault. You want to be entertained. Someone else should come up with something for you to do or THEY suck, right? Grow up... just a little. You don't like it? Leave town. Runaway babies do it all the time so, just do it. Nope, that isn't an option is it? Daddy's money wouldn't follow and you would actually be hungry, maybe have to accomplish something in order to feed your hole. But then again, you'd have something to whine about then, wouldn't you. The world has enough whiners.

And for you bigots? You are an ass. Because of your ignorance, people think far worse about you than you think about anyone else. And the reality is that what they think about you is factual while your own tiny thoughts are nothing more than self-delusion, coming through a fog of drug-induced paranoia.

Of course the cool part is that while you are sitting around whining and feeling sorry for yourself, those who you ridicule are out there actually doing something and running their own lives instead of sitting around like a bunch of whimpering pampered babies who only THINK they are tough. And the funny part is going to come when we own your ass. You won’t work unless those who you complain about let you. They will write your pitiful little paychecks and then go home to their nice homes while you take your 12 year old smoke bomb back to your bombed out trailer in Gastonia, suck down a 6-pack of Bud, and whine about your job to your fat old lady until you die early of a heart attack.

Nobody is impressed with how tough you are. A moron can come up with 50 ways to use the word “fuck” in a sentence and usually does. Tough? Not without a weapon and that doesn’t make you tough. Running 10 miles a day and in the gym for an hour a day and then off to Tai Kwon Do, I say you are NOT as tough you want to think you are… and I do that before I do my studies which I do before I go to work… and I still have a hell of a social life. I could still smack you silly (and I’m a girl), but wouldn’t waste my time on you other than in self-defense. Then again, between your pants falling down, your smoke filled lungs, that extra 10 pounds around your gut, and your mental fog, I could run backwards, still stay out of your reach, and simultaneously screw with your head so badly that it would physically hurt.

Your cool little car that you have now won’t be there in 10 years… or maybe THAT one will be because “You want fries with that,” isn’t going to cover your DUI car insurance bill, much less a new car payment.

As a military brat, I’ve lived in 19 states and nobody is any different anywhere in this country. There are good people no matter where you go and there are ALWAYS people that are like you… whiners with no idea what or why they are whining except for listening to too much NoFX that tells them they have something to whine about. You are an easy target because others make you think that you think for yourself, but all you do is drink their Koolaid (and you don’t even know what I mean by that but look up “Jim Jones” on Google and you will figure it out).

There are no great states or bad states. It is all what you choose to do where you are.

Not saying it is your entire fault either though. You believed that idiot teacher in the second grade that told you that you don’t have to accomplish anything to feel good about yourself. You sit and listen to someone screaming on a CD and think what he has to say is legit because he’s got a guitar in his hand. But it’s lies, nothing but lies. You do have to accomplish something and keep doing it to be worth anything. And you only have a right to complain if you are worth something because you do something. Couch potato whiners have no room to complain.

Guaranteed there will be some idiot who writes back in cussing me out. Dogs cannot help themselves. Bottom line is what I say is true and honestly, what you have to say has already proven itself irrelevant and will continue to do so. As they say, “facts is facts” and you can cuss, whine, lie, deny all you want. Being a loudmouth cry-baby who knows how to cuss won’t get you a job and it only proves my point. So do everyone a favor and just sit back in your own misery and keep it to yourself. If you aren’t going to fix something, just shut up and quit whining.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2004

you know what i rock at night clubs in Raleigh evry night Fuckers and Rap SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2004

Yea it BLOWS here now that fuck'n gas price is high and we all make less$$ here "nice" maybe the pig's will not give us as many tickets Look Willming wide'z I been here for 14 years Iam from NJ its a prep town and the sluts here are for just one thing that is STD's and we all can move away and not even miss wilmington but I learned alot here I know I dont belong here if you feel like this instead of saying this place suckx.. Go and find what you want to do as far as $$$=Work and move get the fuck out.. Iam a good looking guy and when I go to NJ I have no problem going out to dinner to clubs no problem with women when I come back here its like a nightmare.. If your going through this get the fuck out.. PS Iam not in collage I would not go to school here I havent even been to collage and I make good money here I had a good life here Iam a Tech not saying what I do as far as work but it pays for a singel 28 young man like myself.. Ok Iam going to add one more thing DONT DRINK AND DRIVE AND DONT SMOKE CRACK AND SMOKE WEED cant do that here north carolina's laws dont alow it here this is not a big city is small tight driveing town stay calm realx drive 25 mph down collage road when you feel mad or upset.. just do what is right for you and your life.. One advantage here in Wilmington you have here is WORK no matter what kind of work it is or what ever you do you can make money to get the fuck out...

Thank you I know what you all who HATE wilmington feel like I feel the same but it will grow on you like Surf 107.5 they realy need new DJ's and newer playlist..

and ladies want to get it on email me or PM me

So Chill the fuck out and quit crying about what you dont have they had their mommy's and daddy's pay for it all they dont know what that shit leads to in 20 years when they are out of the job or have kids...

peace out......MÄtt

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2004

Enough .. Lets see if we can fix what this jackass did.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2004

Testing ..

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2004

ummm ... whoa this thread is funny.

Almost as funny as this "forum"

Oh yeah ... Wiolmington is teh heaters. well, minus you people not coming to our dNb events. bOOO


-- Anonymous, June 17, 2004

so many of you are talking about "all the drunk people!" then complaining about all the "narrow minded people". theres noting worse than a group of ravers with nothing to do. how can you rave then hate alcohol? umm.. have you ever actually rolled before? have you actually raved before? are you just a fat kid at your computer with some anger problem? you know.. you can drink with that stuff.. and its fun as hell.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2004

I live in Boone, NC, and I have to say, Boone sucks. I'm from the coast of NC which is beautiful and full of great people who are laid back and will go out of their way to help anyone in need. People in Boone are snotty. All of these 18 year old just out of high school punks are driving Cadillac Escalades and crap like that. Why would someone buy their 17 or 18 year old a car like that just for graduating high school?? I mean, graduating high school is a big deal, but come on...I have a GED and I'm a college student, so it's not that big of a deal. Everyone that lives in Boone reaks of retardation. These people are so incapable of having a conversation it's pathetic. I've lived in Charlotte, too and I absolutely loved it there. It's a big city, but it has the laid back attitude of the NC coast. If you don't like NC, then go back to Cali. or NY or Miami. I'd like to go to Cali. just to see it. I've never been. I've been to NY, and I like it up there, but I wouldn't want to live there. It smells bad. As for Cali., like I said I do want to go out west and see it, but I'll take the clean air and hurricanes of NC any day over the choking smog and earthquakes of Cali. Although I have heard that Northern Cali. is gorgeous. If it's anything as beautiful as described by John Steinbeck, then I'd much rather go there. As for Miami, you couldn't pay me a million dollars to go to that sesspool of maggots. That is the most overrated city in North America. The way I see it, you could cut the entire state of Florida off of the U.S. map, and I believe the majority of the U.S. would NOT complain. I was watching the MTV Video Awards from Miami last night, and it was the WORST video awards MTV has had to date...and that's saying something because the video awards have sucked the past 10 years or so. Everything in Miami is so cliche'. Every sterotype exists down there...from the stereotypical Cuban to the stereotypical caucasian. It's a bunch of crap, really. The people there look dirty and they're rude. All the women down there are so easy, I'm sure it doesn't take much to get any of them in the sack! No one down there has any type of standards when it comes to who they sleep with or what they do with their lives. It's quite disturbing. Anyway, I'd take NY or Cali. over Miami any day of the week. Actually, I'll just stay here on the laid back coast of N.C.

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2004

The problem with Tampa and points south is the damn jews. The tight little bastards are everywhere.

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2004

I just have to say, that yes, North Carolina does, in fact suck tiny little redneck balls. I have a fucking christmas list of reasons:

1. Most people think G.W. Bush is awesome (FYI: He's a total cock- gobbler who, like the bosses in the Great White South, pretends to give a fuck about you so he can line his pockets with your hard- earned money.)

2. NC is a "Right To Work" state. (So what, in NY the right to unionize and make 55 dollars per hour for a job that "y'alls Massa" will pay you 17 bucks an hour for in NC is a bad idea?)What kind of gay assed right-wing, slave-trading bullshit is that? There are no real labor unions of any kind in this broke-ass, backwards state.

3. NC has the 48th WORST public education system in the ENTIRE US (That's out of 50, for all of you NC dirtbags). That's INCLUDING it's higher education system (with the exception of UNC-Chapel Hill, which is ranked the 5th best public university in the US. Cal Berkeley was ranked #1).

4. There are NO JOBS here. That is unless you want to work at a multinational conglomerate like Walmart or some bullshit corporate steakhouse for like 6 dollars an hour. Yay! That's like $192 dollars a week after taxes!!!! I could buy a small starter house with all of that cheddar(in 1936)!!!

5. People here are religiously lazy.

6. People here are civil war apologists and world-class racists.

7. NC harbors some of the most ignorant know-it-alls from around the country (many are natives).

8. The scenery is pretty mundane and unappetizing. Although I've never been to western NC, I have a feeling it is ultra-retarded. I've heard all that there is in Asheville are old hippies and metal-heads. Whatever. Oh, and by the way, you people talk about the beach and mountains in NC like you are the only place in the world who has those two things in one state. I have news for you, NY has that shit too, and it's all within a 45 minute ride from NYC. Oh and we have something else there, self-respect and balls.

9. Trailer parks are fucking EVERYWHERE, which is probably due to the horrible zoning in most parts of the state.

10. The local music is some of the most unoriginal garbage I have ever has the displeasure of hearing. It's like old retarded people shreiking at the top of their lungs (this goes for any genre). Let's not even talk about hip-hop.

11. Everyone in NC talks shit about yankees, yet half of them are wearing off-color NY Yankees hats whilst they do so.

12. NC is notoriously polluted. This means that all of your precious mountains and rivers and beaches are going to be toxic waste dumps before you know it. I bet you'll still be voting republican then, too.

13. There is NOTHING good, cool or even O.K. about rednecks, no matter what ANY redneck tells you. It's just a bullshit image they cultivated to hide the fact that they are ignorant and unhealthy and scared of knowledge. These same rednecks will fish off of an interstate bridge because they "believe" that it's healthy (which translated means that they are too embarassed to admit that they've never once thought about their health, let alone the health of their morbidly obese children that they fill with ding dongs, beef jerky, beer and red velvet cakes). FYI: river water in NC is among the most polluted in the entire US. The pollution comes from hog farms, chemical plants and the military.

14. NC has dangerously unacceptable levels of NASCAR/Jeff Foxworthy/pick-up truck enthusiasts.

15. NC is a filthy, stinking, rancid womb for the military industrial complex, and it is this way because of corporate greed and lack of concern for the welfare of the rednecks that live here. That's why they keep them stupid and uneducated, so they can be tricked into thinking that the bosses are on their side and tricked into joining the military to die for the very people that don't care about them in the first place.

16. There are more "hogs" than people in NC (east of I-95).

17. People in NC couldn't drive to save their lives as evidenced by the dozen or so cars that flipped over last winter in Wilmington by 9 AM when there was not even a HALF-INCH of snow on the ground. They also stop at green lights because they are way too self-absorbed to have empathy for others on the road. Oh, and they pull over when it's raining like a skittish backwoods retard.

18. Many, MANY people here have like, multiple DUI's. Ever notice the gaunt, crusty old men on mopeds? Hahahaahaha. Fucking bible thumpers.

19. Dry Counties.

20. More closeted homosexuals than anywhere I've been in my entire life. Coincidentally, lots of homophobes here too.

21. The construction industry here is THE WORST (mostly due to lack of union involvment). Nothing is flush, and everything is held together by tobacco spit and bubblegum.

--------cut here-------

I have to stop so I can get up tomorrow and earn 9.50 an hour (like I did when I was 14 years old in the 1990's AND they gave me more hours) building dangerous ass bridges in a most disorganized fashion for a slave driver who thinks he's the shit. Fuck him and fuck you. I am the undisputed king of NC, and I hate the job. Any takers? No?...Whatever assholes.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2004

Wolfpack fans are just pissed that they were too stupid to get into Carolina. That's why they hate UNC so much. Most Carolina fans would pull for State in other games if they didn't have to hear so many stupid ass state fans run their fucking mouths so much about their losing record national champion hopefuls. I employ several state alumni--they are great entry level employees and are too studpid to take what they have learned to start their own company.

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2004

you stupid fuckers. taking up like the whole goddamn page. i am sick of your whining. if you fucking hate it so much why don't you fucking move. go back up north where you belong!!! get a life.

-- Anonymous, November 10, 2004

Aite now! All yall yankess that have been forced to live down here in NC have obviously been stuck up north way too damn long. Yall are talking about how we are preppy and stuck up...well, atleast we talk right. Yall damn yankess talk like preps and you're so rude! You city folks don't know shit b/c NC is the shit. I live in eastern nc and it ROCKS! yall just don't know what fun is and how we eastern NC folks get in down on the farm. I thank God for givin' me a opportunity of livin' in NC- you GRITS live on. ( grits= girls raised in the south). You yankees do nothing but cause problems and create shit- it all goes back to the civil war. *carry on, carry on sweet southern comfort* And don't even get me started on NCSU vs. UNC- it's simple and we all must accept the fact that ncsu= farmer kids unc=PREPS! AND none of yall have any room to talk about farmers....if it weren't for us YALL DAMN YANKEES and others WOULDN'T HAVE FOOD. but i guess in the end it doesn't matter b/c all those idiots up north like in NYC are annorexic morons. BUt i do have to agree with all of yall who hate Char.,NC b/c all that city is are yankess trying to surive down south-IT JUST DON'T WORK DARLIN'. Accept the south or c'mon down and take a look for yourself. and if you hate it so much ITS SIMPLE...GET OFF YOUR ASS AND MOVE! yall northern fools! fools! fools! talk about some stuck up sterotypes who think they're better than everyone. you gotta a prob. yall email me and we'll chat!

-- Anonymous, December 28, 2004

k, rae first off you need to chill. not everyone from up north is a total asshole. i have some really good friends who are from NY. there are a lot of people down south, who were raised in the south who are asses. and no i am not from up north. i have lived in south carolina my whole life. i wouldn't say nc sucked. charlotte is the shit! PLUR!

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2004

Wow rae, did you just said you talk right?? Dude.. look at the way you just wrote that long ass paragraph and tell me if that is "correct way of saying shit." As for me, I live in Miami and I AM A YANKEE BEATTCHH!!! Fuck the south and fuck NC. And you must accept the fact that NC sucks in all their sports teams. (I personally think the Dolphins and Marlins suck also.) But damn you guys NBA team sucks major ass. As for the crime rate in the south.. dont even get me started. I grew up in the south and I tell I have never seen so much weird ass shit in my life. Besides places like Detroit and Atlanta.. the southeast by far has the highest crime rate in the nation. I have been to places like Ohio and Michigan and atleast they know how to talk right unlike you southern hics. And did I mention they are more friendlier and less irrogant? I think that the biggest thing that robs NC is all the hics that turn such a nice state into a shit hole. If you have any comments please email me.

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2005

Okay, Peoeple... Sure, NC has it's high and low points.. But everywhere does. I've lived in Florida, NC, CA, NY, CO, GA, PA, and probably a few more that I was too young to remember. Sure some NC people have a strong accent, but so do Canadaians, Germans, Hatians, so on and so on. Every state has some part of it that completely reeks, and sucks serious ass, somewhere within its state lines. On the other hand, every state has some really kickass places too. A lot of you people find other places offensive, because it's not your norm- It's unfamiliar. It's not the same culture as what you were raised with, so you don't like it, and you're not conformists (as nobody should be) so you see a bunch of freaks in a foreign land. SO- everyone get off your high-horses, and get the chips off your shoulders, because it all boils down to the simple fact that everyone has hate in them somewhere, and it's normally against things that are "different," therefore you think this new place sucks. Maybe you can't make friends because they don't like your accent, or you don't like theirs. Who knows, really. There are preps and rednecks everywhere, some more prodominant that others. So wuit your bitchin' people.

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2005

nc is fucking awesome, so fuck you cali and florida fags

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2005

NC sucks..nothing but a bunch of crazy, illiterate hillbillies.

-- Anonymous, March 04, 2005

Allright you guys really read to stop cussing every ferking second! I mean really,Good lord. Anyway North Carolina has everything anyone would want. Cities,sports,factories,towns,mountains,beaches i could ramble on for a day. Truth of the matter is if anyone of you yankee folk or cali surfer people talk trash about nc it's not right. I'm sure New york,Flordia and Cali are real nice places to live,but come on stop arguring ove some retarded lines on a freking map!

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2005

Well I live in North Carolina and I love it. The people are friendly and the boys are hot. It is one of the best states for college sports, especially college basketball. If you are having trouble finding things to do here, Candie, it is probably because you don't know where to look. When I first moved to Chapel Hill I didn't really like it, but then I made friends and now I have a life :). People who are bashing NC on here are just making themselves look ignorant. It is a good thing I know that there are decent people in Tampa, New York, and Cali, otherwise I'd have to judge those places just from what you've said, and I have to say you are bad representatives of those places. The bottom line is, if you aren't a loser you can find friends and things to do anywhere and you won't think its such a horrible place. I have already lowered myself to your level by posting on this board, but I just had to say that most all of you are fools.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2005

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