Why drugs?

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Ok heres my question. Why do people have to do drugs to dance or become a (raver). Its just plain silly reading these damn questions and everyone saying that kids have to do drugs to get anywhere. Dancing well is hard. But attainable with practice. Without watching others dance and trying to immitate i never would have been any good. But its virtually impossible to copy someone elses danceing. Your body moves different from everyone elses and it'll do things you wouldnt have suspected with the right beat. I learned basics from a friend and then i watched others. You dont really mimic there moves but it'll give you an idea to throw into your own innovations. And i dont understand this big push to become a (raver)? Why does anyone feel like they have to fit into a stereotype in order to fit in? Parties are like coffe shops you can be anyone or anything from any walk of life and still be accepted for who you are or who you portray yourself as. Its an old line but be yourself. If you like the music and you enjoy dancing then i guess your a raver. Thats all it takes. Oh and as my own personal opinion i think Kandi kids should all die. Thats a sorry ass stero type to ever wanna be a part of. Thats admitting that you suck and would rather pop pills and be a damn vegetable than enjoy the music. You dont go to a party with a list of awesome Dj's to listen to them as background noise while you give some idiot a massage. Doesnt make sense to me really. Thanks for listening to me any additions would be kind.

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002


I don't think drugs are at all necessary; in fact, I despise them. I hate even being referred to as a "raver," for the now the name simply implicates that the person being spoken of is a pill-popping sex- fiends, and I think people who feel drugs are necessary at raves are dullards. I, for one, have never even smoked pot, much less taken anything more serious like Acid or E, and I dance very damned well without drugs. From what I've seen happen to people, drugs tend to freeze them up as opposed to loosening their body for some good liquid dancing. And people need to stop giving a shit when it comes to what other people think about their dancing; people will look at you like an idiot only if you act like one. Even if you can't dance, as long as you're being yourself, people WON'T CARE. What everyone apparently doesn't realize is that other rave-goers are too concerned with enjoying themselves to care about self-conscious morons. Stop irritating everyone with questions like "How do I rave dance," or "How do I become a raver," and Just DO IT. ::thinks of Nike ads...:: Sure, you can ask about basic moves, (glides, etc.) but if you just steal everyone else's moves you'll (1) not have any fun, because you're feeling the music for yourself, and (2) look stupid, because someone else's dance moves may not even fit with you. So just go to a rave, leave the fucking drugs alone, and dance. Or choose the idiotic alternative: go to a rave, stand there like a moron, take drugs, and pass out on the floor. If you choose that, I'll make sure to step all over you when I dance. But I'll still love you ^_^.

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

My definition of a true "RAVER".....A person who can go to a party, be totatlly sober and enjoy the whole entire night. Me for one is a true party girl. Just this Friday, I checked out System Overload in Durham. Went totally sober, met other great party kids and had a damn good time. (SPACEGIRL ROCKED!!!!)

The only one objection I have towards your view is regarding the Kandi Kidz. Not all Kandi Kidz are Etards. Your being just as ignorant as "normal" people are towards ravers. Sometimes I will go to a party dressed completely "unkandied" but sometimes it ALOT of fun gettin all frittled up in kandi and having some sort of lights to mess with all the Etards out there. I'm the type of person who enjoys fuckin with fucked up people :) and to comment on the massage part. I work at a massage therapy clinic, so I enjoy showing off my talent :)

So be a lil more open-minded (as you claim you are) towards everybody. There will always be judgemental people, just try not to be one.

SPLURGE (Spread peace, love, unity, respect, & gratitude, EVERYWHERE) Jen :)

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2002

Ok I have a different opinion on the subject (and probably not a popular one) Sometimes when I go to a rave I go stone cold sober and I have a kickass time. But, I also like to go to them pop a couple pills and enjoy myself that way. I am by no mean's an Etard but I still like to enjoy that part of the scene. While it's true that doing E might slow you down a bit when trying to dance it is the other side of this many sided sub-culture. I agree that people that go to raves just so they can get all fucked up on whatever is floating around the place are missing the point of going, it's not really anyone's place to slam them just because you don't agree with there choices. I think it's totally sad when someone sit's there and badmouth's Ebaby's and then at the end of there little speech they type p.l.u.r. Is'nt that just somewhat hypocritical? I mean you just spent the last 2 paragraph's talking shit about someone and then you try to preach peace, love, unity, and respect. Anyway, that it for my little soap box. Later all, remember in the end the only person you really have to answer to is yourself.

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

I stopped doing drugs , stopped dancing, stopped going to parties .You cant be a raver forever. I do think drugs will make your dancing better(your pops more precise, your liquid patterns will be more creative)with a lot of practice on drugs of course. i could dance different depending what drugs i was on. Rolling or k my liquid could get very intricate, but on some glass, shit!, leg pops, liquid, body pops , uprocking, all that shit. But of course drugs arent for everyone, and if you do use drugs to dance then you need them to perform your best. Thats the downside.If i didnt do drugs i didnt feel like dancing, but please dont reply with some raver bullshit dogma, like if you had to do drugs you werent really a raver, because drugs are a part of that scene like it or not

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

I need to know why people dont do drugs. If you could help me it would mean a lot.

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2002

OK, here's the deal. Some PPL take drugs, and some PPL don't. Some think they help you dance, some think they don't. Maybe PPL on drugs just think they dance good, or maybe they really do. Not that anyone cares how you dance, because everyone has a little PLUR message posted on the bottem of their message (*cough* insult *cough*).

PEACE between drug-takers and non-takers LOVE for everyone, even if they disagree with you UNITY between drug-takers and non-takers RESPECT for someone's opinion

But, I guess PLUR is just a fad now.

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2002

i've been in the scene for four and a half years and i can honestly say i have never once gone on drugs. i have never "rolled" or any of that other stuff. For the last year i've been working on promotions and booking in eastern North Carolina. I love dancing and meeting new people. And yes, everyone knows me as a "raver". I don't mind this label, if any. Personally, I'm not all that fond of labels in general. However, what pissed me off is how many numerous times someone would ask me for a pill, or how much i was selling 10-paks. it was just unbeleivable. i get so freakin' tired of having all thoses dumb people taking up room and cool air at raves to "get massages' or "lightshows" or just sit there are look all cracked out. things like that just really make you want to stop going to raves. i think that's just terrible. i remember going to parties in warehouses and skateparks (wherever they could find a place to hold them) for a $4 cover charge and not that many people would be "rollin". i dunno, maybe i was just younger and only remembered the good things. But mad props to all the old skool partykids and ALL of the sober ones!

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

WHy Use drugs you ask? Your sences remian constant. How the mind picks up preseve the world is always the same.... enless of course you do something to change it, I.E E KB LSD... ect. Ravers take drugs to "get into it" & get into it more. You can into it with out trippin but you can only get into it so far. If your under the enfluence of drugs your mind is picking up things in a new & diffrent way, sences are not the same, this change is exiting and because you preseve the world in a new way you gain a new perspective & understanding, & in some cases helping you to dance better, love better, & (lets be honest) get hurt if your not carefull. it's all about the phsycodelic exprience of raves. Things can only be so trippy if your not trippin. At least thats why I do it. Answer your qesrion?

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2002

You aslo venture to ask... Why Would anyone want to be fit the Rave genre? Why can't people just be themself? The Same resoan anybody wants to be a part of any genre. People like to have a since of belonging and to know they fit in. Every one is themself, But not everyone is a raver, not every one is a punk, or a goth or a skater kid. Every genre has a style of things they think are cool when you think a sertian variety of things are cool and if most of them fit into that genre then you will be attracted to people who are of that genre & by becoming a part of their social group you become a part of that genre. If your say a punk far example you will find other punks.. and you will find that because you bothh have that saem thing in common both being punks you find you have more in common. The same goes for ravers and most any other genre. It feels good to be a part of somthing. By being a part of any movement you help to promote that movement. In most genres there is a place were they all mingle. and that is were sub genres like candy kids come from. You have found that you fit in with a larger group and that in that group there are other groups that you relate to more. Part of who you are is somtimes what you are or what your a part of. I can still remain individual while being a raver. Not all people are the same and not all kandykids are the same. It's are similarities that bring us together and it's are diffrences that keep us together.... Answer your qestion?

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2002

All drugs do is fuck up your brain. It creates this false illusion of the world and creates more euphoria. They make ur mind dependent on them to have a good time. And it is extremely hard to try to quit. And after u quit, everything reminds u of the times u had, and it sux cause u miss that feeling. I quit and i enjoy raves a whole lot better cause i expierence the reality not sum false images and feelings. Drugs r not a way to excape society. it only fries up ur brain. when i quit, my head was a lot clearer and i saw what my friends looked like and i felt ridiculous. I have no regrets for quiting. Stick to what u believe. plus i learned to dance sober, and i'm really good at it and i don't need drugs. i think the cops steal the drugs and sell it to give them extra money. Drugs get u in jail, and jail sux.

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2002

if you ask me you dont HAVE to take drugs its more of a want thing for me now i consider myself a recreational user now for much too large majority using drugs has become the base of there lives which is sad yes however there stipidy and lack of control cost me in many ways, take for instance these examples of what im talking about:1) every time legalization is even a topic some addict of some sort o.d's and boom back to sqaure one.2)some drug freak whom doesnt have any idea of how much is too much go's and gets really high or should i say way too high and does something stupid that hurt themselves or someone else thus blaming there ignorence on the drug and boom street prices go up and out of my pocket. so basicly what im trying to say is the question should be why do I the responsable user have to sacrifice my right to choose what i would like to do all because some punk kids parents arent keeping tabs on them or some addict ingnoramous does illegal and harmful thing on drugs....I say if you cant chill with the high dont do it!

-- Anonymous, August 14, 2002

Some people prefer drugging to being sober.

Some people being sober.

Its not really in anyone's place to start judging others on what they prefer to do when it really is something that is personal preference. Music is enjoyable with drugs and without drugs. Sure I hate it when some etard gets all sweaty on me, but its their own damn choice to be a fool at a party. So just because they want to do drugs doesn't mean they should die. There are also a lot of contributing factors to why someone wants to do drugs... To help celebrate, because they are addicted, because they just want to get away from reality a while (and c'mon kids, reality sucks every now and again... bills, school, drama amongst friends, parents, etc etc).

There is a reason why drugs are so closely associated with the rave community... Raves are a conducive environment for doing drugs. You've got stimulus coming from everywhere (big thumpin bass, repetitive beats, strobe and lasers, etc etc) and kids are running around in weird outfits and shit. You have some anonimity when you're at a rave so its a lot less inhibited than "the real world". The rave scene grew up with acid, so a lot of the oldskoolers are acid heads... The advent of ecstasy however, has brought in the kids who are too high to know what is going on.

Unfortunately a lot of those kids don't even know about their drugs. Being ignorant about your drugs and being fucked up at the same time is a very careless progress, and our scene is notorious for drug use because of its carelessness. DanceSafe is a great forum for education but kids are too apathetic to *really* care. I fucking hate TV because it is the same kind of passive, apathetic mindlessness that has brought in this new generation of kids who go to raves who don't get educated about their drugs, get fucked up and just follow through with the "dirty raver" stereotype (dirty vicks, dirty massages, dirty sex, dirty makeout sluts, etc etc).

Kandi kidz are great vibey people, its really nice to find a sober kandi kid who knows what they are talking about. I've met a handful. Indeed it is fucked how it is so hard to meet other fellow sober ravers, but you just have to understand rave history.

So basically... drugs and their close association to the rave scene is because raves were founded on drugs (to be more specific, acid) and drug use is so prevalent because a lot of people are ignorant.

YES taking drugs will alter reality for you, but if you are doing the drugs because you want to alter reality then thats a good thing! It is BAD if your drug life interferes with your real life... You shouldn't let your entire reality be altered on account of your drug use.

Remember kids, there is a lot of anti-rave and anti-drug propaganda... Don't buy into it! Educate yourselves! Think about your opinions on drugs... There has been a lot of time and money invested in our generation with anti-drug propaganda ("just say no!") but when the propaganda turns out wrong its like: "Hey mom and dad, you guys don't fucking know anything because I did drugs and i'm still alive! and it was fun! It wasn't awful like nancy regan said it would be!" So you go and be STUPID and do as many drugs as you can consume and not be SMART educate yourself about them and being careful with your drugs.

My preference is to be sober at a rave.

So don't be snobs, kids. Raves are unihibited places where you can just let go. If someone is etarded and is being a fucking mess, then that is their problem. Everyone has a different way of enjoying themselves.

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2002

Where does the brain sit?

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2002

Well aren't you just perfect? I do not know why you get to think that you are better than any other raver. Why don't you look up rave in a dictionary??? Most people go to raves to SUPRISE! So drugs. I do agree that the people who go to parties and do drugs have ruined the whole fucking scene for the rest of us. The thing is that Kandi Kidz are ravers to. They are a part of the scene so if you do not want to be associated with them do not go! It is that simple. Any stero type is no better than any other. You need to look at yourself before you tell others to die and figure out what the hell is wrong with you! No one is perfect!!! So what if it takes some people longer than others to realize that parties are not about drugs. I personaly would not want to attend a party without a single Kandi Kid. As far as being a raver you are not!!! A true raver does not judge fellow ravers and loves EVERYTHING about the scene. So further more FUCK OFF! lOVE, Tinkerbell~*~

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2003

I am a kandy raver...but more then that im a person, and your feeding into a stereotype by assuming that all kandy ravers munch pillz like pac man. As a raver I resent that alot, because not only do the kandy kids get that stereotype...but alll people who party get it. "hey you go to those rave things?" "yup" "How many times have you done E" Its not about how many chemicals you can shove up your nose or into your stomach, its about the music...(what a thought, a raver who likes music :O ) and the people and the vibe....all the things you can have with out the drugs. I live to dance and be there with those people who i love. Being "kandy" doesn;t mean you have to dress in kids clothes...in my personal opinion its about plur and showing love for the scene. A raver is just a title..it means nothing....the scene and the music and the vibe are what holds it together, not the title or the chemicals.... i wish you could respect that plur Brenna

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2003

right...heres what i think.

Im not a raver, or at least I dont consider myself to be. Im kind of a goth, kind of a skater. Hell...I dont know what the fuck I am, actually.

I go out every weekend (and during the week!) and I listen to loads of different kinds of music. The reason for me going out is for the music and to spend some time with my friends. I can go out and listen to rock and I can go out and listen to techno, hardhouse or drum n bass and have a wicked time without the aid of any drugs. However, Usually there are drugs around... pills and speed and coke particularly, but acid and mushrooms when available. Im not just talking popping one pill either... we get completely fucked - sometimes on multiple pills (up to 10 in any one night) and we mix our drugs loads too. Thing is, that drugs have the amazing ability of heightening experiences with music. I dont take them to have a good time, I take them to heighten the good time that im already having, and to make it go on a tangent. I like to become completely absorbed in the music. And yes, someties we do just fancy getting wrecked, and having good music there is an essential. Drugs and music go together hand in hand a lot of the time.

Then there's the after club parties...the talking shit and having an immense amount of fun!

The time it gets bad is when you feel like you NEED the drugs to go out and party hard. Then it's only a short step away from needing them to function in real life.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2003

I don't really care if you take drugs or not. its a free world. but fucking be (i hate this word) responsibe!! i dont wanna be the only kandi raver left....seem all of us are being put in the mental house cause we take too many drugs- i am not a drug person my the way!! but what really shits me is the steriotypical veiw kandi ravers have been given...dude i am a student 17 years old, i live in sydney australia. i do art, anc.history physics and bio 4 subjects. diverse enough 4 you???? now 4 pLUR

PLUR has all the underminings of the greatest religous groups on the planet. Peace.....President Bush fuck u!! Blood is thicker than OIL. Love...one another as i have loved u quote:jesus Christ. Unity.... today (16/2/03) the world united to united to say no to war, over 10,000,000 million ppl in europe allone!!! Respect... tolerence and acceptance in this world makes it a dam nice place to be, weather your off-ya-chops or sobber as a rock.

i guess that if the would listened to the message of plur thier would be less killing, war fighting etc. if u dont like our braclets, fine, i dont hate you for that (respect), im sure you have your resons. so yer, just dont stop raving cause i couldn't face another day if there ain;t no raver groove to let me play!!!!

Peace Love Unity Respect

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2003

In my experience moves I developed on acid transferred over to daily, sober life better than the rolling, semi drunken like state of un inhibited E highs. In fact when rolling I ocasionally got downright stupid and even had other ravers mocking me. Acid developes the central nervous system while e and speed harm it.

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2003

I'm new to the rave scene and i've never done drugs. I'm not a kandi kid but all my friends are and only one of them has ever even tried E. we go for the music and fun. we have a great a time and we dance just as well if not better then all the E-tards so i don't appreciate the Kandi kid stereo type. i would just like you to open your mind a bit more when it comes to all people in the rave scene thank you

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2003

look people i am a uv boy, im gona ask one q why do we all go, y ill tell you y cus we love the hard hiting fast pumpimg bass the upliffting trance/dance hell we even love the morning affter but we go because we aare all one we can shut the outside of and let lose our inside no matter wot you do coke E etc or u od nothing JUST REMEMBER 2 KEEP THE SENE ALIVE we are 1 we will stand united (Peace ps add me 2 your msn messenger if u wana)

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2003

I jus wanna say hell yeah to guy who posted above me.. THe reason most people go to raves while rolling is it makes everything 10 times better then it was before.

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2003

Well, i'm not gonna say that any of you are "wrong" you all have your oppinions and i welcome that. but allow me to present my views on it... For some people going to Raves is just a pass time or excuse to get messed up on drugs, i may not like it but who am i to judge them? For some ravers being sober is fine and good, but the drugs allow your mind to explore places you could never imagine otherwise. As for the comment about Kandy Kids, i must admit i do resent it. I'm a Kandy Kid, i'm there to have fun and help others do just that. And how can i have fun if i'm judging everyone on wether they are doing drugs or not? They're generally there to have fun, so why not let them have fun, and mebbe even help them have more fun. Ravers used to be people who would gather together and have a good time and not be judged, why cant things remain this way? WHo cares if they do drugs, it's their choice and i personally respect that. And also, i'm not some Etarded Kandy Kid or some druggie, i'm a sober Kandy Kid most of the time, if i get drugged up, then that's my buisness.

PLURF (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (for people's choices), Fuzzyness (the feeling of being accepted for what you are.) And yea, i know some of you will have a problem with me saying that, but i take it to heart.

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2004

alright you guyz. im a beginner and i hate to admit it but i cant really dance for shiz. but the last rave i went to i couldnt find any e so i just spent the whole night letting it all out and dancing however the fuck i wanted to and i had an absolute blast. i have never had so much fun in my life dancing my new years away. i didnt take any pills till later but i had a blast and i can roll without pills now. i think that all a person needs is some good vibes, some love and acceptance, and some damn good beats to feel good about yourself. i think about it sometimes and it scares me to know that im only seventeen and im letting these pills eat at my brain one by one. is there such a thing as being addicted to e? i love to roll and be that binkey sucking chewing drooling idiot i become when that cute little rave kid gives me a head rub but i dont know man. its so damn expensive. im torn...e mail me with advice plese? till then this raver with the fuzzy pink hat will rave on.

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2004

Man, I started reading from the top of the thread and got pissed off on the way down and decided to just fucking post. I'm so sick of all these anti-ecstasy heros... You CANNOT understand what it's like to live this life style, call me an etard if you want.. I dont care, I'm more in touch with my own sense of inner peace and such than you could ever hope to be. Not to mention, for all those people who say "E doesnt make you a better dancer".. I disagree completely, because theres mdma, speed, ket, coke, whatever you can think of in E; it slows down your movement in your mind and allows you to move more fluidly than you could normally. It fucks with your mind, you enjoy music so much more.. I remember reading a post where someone said something about etards not really enjoying the music because they're all fucked up or something. Believe me, I've completely absorbed my life into rave and trance music, all I do is listen to it and appreciate it...So don't tell me that bullshit, believe it or not etards arn't 'fucking your scene up'.. You wanna go dance without a fuckload exctasy users? Goto a fucking club. Face it, sober raving is on a steady decline.

All in all, I'm not knocking sober-ravers. I have much respect for them because they arn't on drugs and doing what they love. But just dont knock us, we don't give a fuck what you think anyway.

-- Anonymous, April 27, 2004

Raves suck, ravers suck. Straight-edge ravers are full of shit. Its all about the drugs. All we can hope for is the invention of the time machine so we can send all you freaks back to 1970.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2004

Hey kandy kids are awesome..and extasy is just one element to keep the party going, extasy rocks, it keeps you dancing all night in raves. fuck all you that said kandy kids should die, you even dont know us, we are the coollest persons you could ever know and you fucking N.Americans that dont know a shit about our culture please dont comment, our culture is the best. P*L*U*R

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2004

You fucking gringos d mierda you dont know a shit about kandy kidx so you better dont comment because its really STUPID, but well, what can be expected of a bunch of retarded, you dont know what is life because you never had lived as me and all l.american kandy kids, you all just live in you perfect fucking world. We forget abput all the violence here by going to raves, maybe just for one night we forget all with E and its very cool

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2004

Response is obviously very late since you posted in 2003. After reading your post i felt obligated to respond. Im not able to respond to the majority of these postings because of my current occupation. You see im a soldier at Ft. Bragg and ive had the displeasure of serving my country in Afghanastain and Iraq. My views tend towards violence and in retrospect perhaps i shouldnt have said all Kandi Kidz should die. My apologies if i offended. It seemed like every party i went to there was an overflow of the affor mentioned stereotype and it just seemed like Kandi Kidz in general were angering the people who took the music seriously. I know it angered me. You say no one is perfect and this i understand well. You mentioned that its not a (Ravers) place to judge. Then i suppose its not someones place to try and turn things around and show how the current scene is dis-illusioned by the promotion of drugs. When you see the media covering a rave on television what do you see? You see fuckin Kandi Kidz and dealers and little glow stix light shows for another fucked up kid. Your going to fuckin tell me to fuck off! Your a fucking stupid ass kid. Go down to Florida see how easy it is to go to a rave with good headliners or try Chicago I dunno keep lookin around at all the fucking states that have made raves illegal. I want raves to stay constant and to provide an escape from the day to day for kids and adults alike. Look at the big picture and the long term. Dont attack someone because they try to pull a splinter out, if you dont like it then grit your teeth and turn your head.


P.L.U.R. seems to me like an acronym of conveniance if you dont believe that then read some of the posts on this topic or any other topic where someone mentioned a grievance

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2004

i wrote the above response to someone that had posted on this page about my original question they are no longer around so i figured id just post it for the public seems like people like this post anyways.

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2004

The reason I use ecstasy is simple. I like to get fucked up and feel everything 10 times more. I've been to raves on drugs and not on drugs, And both experiences were fun. I don't need e. But i am an etard.and i do cuddle . But i dont wear funfur and that kind of raver stuff.

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2004

I personally haven't been to a rave, though I almost have on a few occasions. I'll admit that while contemplating it, I though about how the hell I could go sober. I know the Club scene and the Rave scene are different, but the first time I ever stepped into the Club scene, I was on E. And I must say, I was completely totalled. I was so wrecked. I don't think I ever really want to do E again, after that, I was depressed for two days. I think it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I did get hurt as well. I fucked my shin up pretty bad. So in conclusion, I don't think people need to do drugs to go out and have a good time, I think, without a doubt, I could go to a rave sober now.

However, I'm not putting down the people who do drugs, all the power to you. People have different preferances, and that's just the way it is. I hate how people judge eachother, it's one of my pet peeves. x.x;

And someone else before me mentioned the fact that the people who judge one another in the rave scene and then use the term P.L.U.R are hyprocrites, well, it might sound hypocritical of me, but I agree with that. After all, P.L.U.R stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. By putting one another down.. I don't think you're really going along with the term P.L.U.R.

If you don't like something, I think you should keep it to yourself. Besides.. By bitching about it isn't going to get you anywhere. This is obviously a big 'problem.' Though, as long as people are being respnsible with their drugs, and careful, I don't see taking drugs a problem at all.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2004

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-- Anonymous, November 02, 2004

I haven't been doing drugs for too long, about 5 months now, and since then ive been going to all different kinds of raves and clubs, the worse the experiance is the more i do it, i dont know why. I kinda wish i never started but ive also never had as much fun onit as i have, im thinking of quittin soon thou

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2005

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-- Anonymous, January 14, 2005

Well, for first thing. i think that you are truly a very stupid person. People dont do drugs so they can dance better, everyone can dance however they feel comftorble and no one will judge them. People do drugs, because it can create a completely different atmosphere at a party. You can bond with people and find great connections. Yes, drugs are not a great idea, but if there were no drugs in the rave community, it wouldnt be the same as it is. I found your stereo-type of a kandi kid very dis-respectful, and obveosley by your know-nothing article, you are not a "raver". kandi kids are not just stupid e-tards, in fact, out of all the kandi kids that i know (including myself), most of them have never done pills, or they do them occasionaly. if us kandi kids just wanted a massage, we wouldnt spend 50 bucks on a ticket, we would pop a pill and sit at home. if you are a "raver", then you shouldnt be. cause if you did respect the scene, then you wouldnt start bashing other types of ravers on a website. "Parties are like coffe shops you can be anyone or anything from any walk of life and still be accepted for who you are or who you portray yourself as". If this is true, then why is it that you dont respect Kandi Kids? you cant say something in a article, then 2 seconds later say something that says the opposite. next time, research your shit before you start a thread about parties. if you dont know why people do drugs at a party, then you must be a moron. but i can tell you that isnt not to be accepted. because its not like if your at a party, you think someones a moron for being sober.

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2005

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