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Since I have'nt been able to find an N&W modelers web site,although my main course of modeling is the SR, I still enjoy the N&W as well, my question is, what is the correct paint for the maroon engines of the N&W. I'm currently attempting to model the N&W Gp9 #620 at NCTM. Even though I have tried varrious types of paint, nothing seems too match my photos or book prints of the maroon N&W paint scheme. If anyone has a suggestion on this, please e-mail me at Thanks

-- Robert Daniel Cashwell (, April 06, 2002


The first thing to remember is there was not a definite N&W tuscan, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Pictures in Jim Nichols's "N&W in Color" book, and the "Pocahontas Glory" videos clearly show different shades of cars in the same train, and it is not a result of weathering. There appears to be two major shades: one that is rather purple, the other closer to a bright red. Either match the color to a photo or pick a color you like; that's what I do. Recommendations: Model Flex Milwaukee Maroon and Polly Scale Lehigh Valley Cornell Red work for the brighter shade. For the purple, try the other Lehigh Valley Cornell Reds or any Wisconsin Central Maroon. A 50/50 mix of a bright red (signal, bright caboose) and a purple (tuscan, Cornell Red) seems to generate a nice, rich shade. For more N&W info, try It's the N&W Historical Society site, and includes a mailing-list.

-- Marty Flick (, July 05, 2002.

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