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Can anyone suggest a really good book or maybe two that I can use to learn to Mat and Mount with professional results? I suppose everyone knows at least two different ones that the next guy, but I am hoping there are one or two definitive ones, especially easy to understand and learn from.


-- Paul van der Hoof (, April 05, 2002


This may sound odd...but Henry Wilhelm's "Permanence & Care of Color Photographs" has a couple of really good chapters on conservation matting and the selection of materials. It's a great reference book to have on hand anyways. There's a book that's out of print now, called "The Life of a Photograph" (ISBN 0-240-51701-6) Focal Press. It came out in 1984 and is by Laurence E. Keefe and Dennis Inch...This is a pretty good book, although slightly dated in regards to certain things, if you're into archival processing & conservation matting & framing as well. The Wilhelm book is worth checking out though...if not for the information on storage materials alone. Hope this helps.

-- dk thompson (, April 05, 2002.


Photo Techniques magazine had a very good article on mounting your photographs a few years ago. They sell back issues. Every issue has a list of back issues and the articles in them, and I think the website might have these too (

-- Dave Karp (, April 24, 2002.

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