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I was repossessed in 96 and owe 15.5K, I split up with partner who remarried. I was left to struggle with mortgage for 3 years until I just couldn't cope, when she left she didn't help with contributions. I have been chased by their solicitors since 98 and have been in contact ever since, we seem to be going round in circles. I have found out that my ex partner has paid 1K off this debt so I offered the same but they will not accept because I have to send in my salary slips to show them what I owe. I feel victimised as they have accepted 1K off my ex partner but refuse to accept the same off me. After reading this excellent site I feel as though I shouldn't offer the salary information. Any ideas where I go from here ? I have also just found out that my ex partner has bought a house with a lump sum pay out from her now ex husband,

Thankyou Tommy

-- Tommy (, April 05, 2002

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