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I am going to try New Ilford Delta 400 in Perceptol. I shall be rating the film more slowly than 400.

Published times are shown for 1+0 at 250, and 1+1 for 320. I presume that 1+1 gets a greater compensating effect, with some gain in grain.

Has anyone tried these combinations with New Delta 400? Any views/preferences/advice?

-- Ed Hurst (, April 05, 2002


Ed: I haven't (yet) tried D400 in Perceptol, but recall that Scott Eaton (of fame) is a big of the new D400 and favours its use with Microdol/Perceptol. Scott's times and temps are contained in the following post:

Let us know what you discover...

-- David R. Williams (, April 05, 2002.

Correction to previous - "is a big of" should have been "is a big fan of".

-- David R. Williams (, April 05, 2002.

Delta 400 in perceptol? Simply beutiful BUT, and it is a big BUT, if you're shooting 35mm, I found to my eye that the edges were 'soft', giving the appearance of a slight lack of sharpness (ie. the opposite effect of what Rodinal does).

I haven't used this combination in MF so I don't know if it is as apparent in prints made from MF.

-- Frank Alvaro (, April 08, 2002.

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