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If your like us, there are always those free CD's coming in the mail wanting to join things like AOL, etc. Don't toss them out! Here are some ideas to use them:

1. Use it shiny side up as a candle holder. It gives off a great glow from the candle.

2. Use them under figurines because the light reflects off them.

3. Use them as coasters. Just apply some felt to the bottom.

4. Use them as perfect tracing circles. Much better than a flimbsy template.

5. Cover them some light batting and material for small trivet to put hot dishes on.

Ok, so some of these might be a tad tacky, but if you really hate to throw things out -- these are the ticket!

-- Karen (, April 05, 2002


Actually Karen....When my oldest son is tired of his "rap" and "heavy metal - head banging" music CD's, I just stick them in the top of an old fence post and take target practice on them with my 410 shotgun. That way I can practice for when I have to shoot varmits and I can take out my hostility on the current music that is wrecking our youth!

-- Harmony (, April 06, 2002.

They work great as scarecrows and owl,hawk chasers.

String them on your fencing and they catch light and spin to scare predators away.

-- V. Ginger Borgeson (, October 14, 2004.

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