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Dear Sir,

I'm a student at CESTI a french engeenering school in Paris .I need some informations about relation between Spot's dimensions and position with parameters like thickness,material,number of part to assembly. Because it is very difficult to find such theorical informations, i ask you for help and i hope you have some articles or publications referencies.

I thank you for your attention, sincerely, Gwenael Abily

Sincerly, Hüseyin Sarı

My adress is;

Hüseyin Sarı Kirmasti Mah. Tetimmeler sok. No:15/4 Fatih/İstanbul (34230) Turkey

-- Abily (Gwen_abily@Hotmail.com), April 05, 2002


The diameter of the spotweld will be the same as the diameter of the tip contact area. It can be smaller, but this indicates the current and cycle time were lower than the proper value. The position is controlled by the tip geometry, and slightly by the surface resistance of each faying surface. If the tips are the same contact area, the weld will form in the center. Some coatings, such as zinc cause a local heating action, pulling the nugget off center. This is minimized with impulse welding, such as 3 pulses of 6 cycles, with 2 cycles cool between. This allows the tips to cool the surface between pulses, and causes the nugget to be flatter and wider.

-- David Bacon (dbacon@updatetechnology.com), April 18, 2002.

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