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Hi, I am hoping on buying a dv camcorder pretty soon but cant decide which one to buy... so far i have seen the XL-1s being most discussed and reviewed as one of the top DV camcorders available on the market. Oly problem is that it misses one feature (like every other camera!) is SLOW MOTION!!! i havnt come accross a single camera that does that.. all i want to know is "is there one available out there?????????????" i know there are ways around it like using software such as premiere.. but i want TRUE slow-mo.. :) also.. one other thing.. how do i achieve hollywood picture like framerate??????? thanx alot.. hope someone can help! ;)

-- Gulam Ahmed (, April 04, 2002


Slow motion is done in post production, I am almost 100% sure that no camera can tape in slow motion. To achieve good results in post production keep the shutter speed high. The XL-1 allows you to control shutter speed.

-- Fred (, April 17, 2002.

Keep your framerate high for extra flexibility of changing speeds. There aren't any "digital" cameras that film in slow motion. (Or at least none that I've heard of.) Only film cameras and a few analogue cameras are well known for that capability. "Hollywood picture like framerate" is just as standard as television framerate nowdays. Star Wars Episode II was done filmed in digital at 25 fps which is actually lower then television's NTSC 29.97 fps. My advice is to keep it above standard. I've heard that there are ways of "tweaking" with digital cameras (Sony PD-150 in particular) to get a higher then average framerate. You'll have to ask someone else about that.

-- Ben Carthel (, July 31, 2002.

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