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Hello, Just wondering if anyone has heard of any news about Canon releasing an updated version of thier GL1. I've been hearing rumours. Can anyone confirm these rumours? I'm ready to purchase a 3ccd cam, and after researching the "DVCam world" on-line, I must say, there's alot of great camera's out there. I'm leaning towards the GL1 but I'll wait for an updated GL1 if it comes out this year. One with better audio controls and updated ccd's, and just maybe, SMPTE and color bars. Thanks, Russ

-- Russell Elevado (, April 04, 2002


Here is a website who will be one of the first to report on it...

-- J (, May 21, 2002.

Did you buy the gl1 at the end? I've got the same problem because i'd like to buy an xm1 (i'm european), and i don't know if it woud be vetter to wait, even if the releasing in europe will be later than america.

-- (, May 21, 2002.

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