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I am thinking of purchasing a F4 SPR but I can't seem to find any information/reviews on it. Can anyone help?


-- Rajeeve Parmar (rp198@ic.ac.uk), April 04, 2002


I'm not sure what the status is on the SPR. From what I've read is that the 2002 F4s' have the SPR engine. The Senna has the SPR engine plus the cosmetic changes. If you can WAIT the F4-1000 is in the wings which should be called the SPR.

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), April 04, 2002.

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Here was the post on it. F4-1000, as it should be called, will probably be the basis for thr GP1 bike and a 1000cc F4.

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), April 05, 2002.

F4-1000???? What F4-1000!! Someone please educate me!

-- Sam Milella Sr. (smilellasr@wi.rr.com), April 04, 2002.

I,ve got the 2002senna which is the SPRsenna. The SPR has the 140bhp spec engine and the white clock face with SPR letters on it.Basically it is a tunned 2002 F4 producing apprx. 6bhp more then the 2002 F4.

-- Tony Beckwith (tbeckwith@leevalleypark.org.uk), April 05, 2002.

Probably the advantage to be here in Italy, close to Varese and work ha a journalist give me some chance to explain more about the mv product today. Now you can find at list in italy the F4 Ev03 about 16300 and an F4SR that is a F4 grey and red with the engine of the SPR white tachimeter and price 17000 about the spr have more carbon piece and only the black colour. the F41000 will be ready probablt at the end of the summer even if some there will be send if booked at the end of april I have just buy the F4 1+1 grey and red evo3. i have consider the Spr but the question is that if you used it in the street and not in the track the first gear is really too long and also the clutch to hard. i hope my english is quiete correct by bye fabio

-- Fabio Pellizzoni (morghen@libero.it), March 31, 2004.

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