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I was wondering if anyone out there has a set of Altus A10 for sale? old or new will be ok. or maybe you know anywhere that is selling i'd appreciate it if u could inform me.

-- Alexander C. Tseung (, April 03, 2002


Hi Alex

Have you tried the bike shops? Second-hand off-road parts are generally a bad idea, as they would have been thrashed, especially parts that wear out like chainrings, cassettes and bearings. It's not so bad with the high-end stuff, because these tend to be made out of harder wearing materials and made to withstand harder wear too.


-- Joe (, April 07, 2002.

thanx for the advise. then i guess its down to only new parts than. i have been to many bike shops around wangsa maju and melawati (i stay round there :) and they dont hav the altus sets displayed. can i order them from the bike shops. will they get it specifically for me only? i am also thinking of getting a new bike(mtb). what can i get with RM800. any suggestion to which brand of bike is a good buy at that price?

-- Alexander C. Tseung (, April 08, 2002.

Hi Alex,

I'm not familiar with particular brands. Maybe you can ask the bike shop how much you can expect to pay for an off-road worthy bike. Sometimes it might be worth paying just that little bit more for a bike that won't break on you the first time you take it out for an off-road ride!

Looking out for the parts that they spec on a bike is a good start. Compare the bikes with Altus, and check out what frame material it is. Then lift the bike to see how light it is. Go for the one that you think is reasonably lightweight for your budget.

Good luck Joe

-- Joe Adnan (, April 08, 2002.


thanx for all ur help. i will be doing my shopping in 2-3 weeks time (after my semester exams :p ) r u the coordinator of this website n the hash that r organized? i am really interested in this hash thingy too! mind if i go to the batu dam to hav a look first hand so i would hav a rough idea wat its all bout. ciao.

-- Alexander C. Tseung (, April 10, 2002.

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