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Here is a really great place that has fragrance oil,soap and candle supplies,as well as a few more things.

The prices are really good and they said if you tell them when you get ready to order that you are with a soap forum they will give you an extra 2% off your order! They say they give group discounts but I asked them about a forum and they said they would do it but just say you are with a soap forum and then they will know.

This is great and I ordered a feww fragrance oils from them and I had no trouble with them in my soap at all. I do cold process.I am getiing ready to put together another order through them again. They are very nice.

Just thought I'd pass it along for all you soap makers,and candle makers. I know if your like me every penny counts,even if it is only 2%,right? I am happy with their prices and service.


-- Bluebird (, April 02, 2002


What is the site???? you added no site address, unless I just missed it.

-- Kristean Thompson (, April 02, 2002.

Chuck, this is the kind of message that really, really riles me. It's one thing for the regulars to mention their business ventures or home pages - no problem.

But, with no real address, this is just junk in the way of good discussion.

To Bluebird, on the off-chance you had good intentions, I mean you no harm. But this message is just so awefully written, so obviously commercial. It just drips with the juice of a telemarketer.

Yuk, makes me gag. I'd rather read about different lifestyles or animal rights or religion that a spam commercial!

If this had a real name, a real email address, and was not written so flowery with a come-on, I would say it is possibly helpful to some, and all part of the homestead experience. It would at least be real.

But I don't run things here, & like the way you do things Chuck. This is just my input on the subject of spams, and I'll not be back to this thread to clutter things up more. It doesn't really matter so much to me. :)


-- paul (, April 02, 2002.

I guess I am pretty gullable because I didn't take it as a commercial message; just someone who was happy with a product and passing the info along.

-- Karen (, April 02, 2002.

I am so sorry I had a cow calving and my husband is gone so I had to close and forgot the address. Here it is\ . I am sorry you feel this way about me. I just found this and was so happy about the good prices and I am new here so I thought it might be nice to share with you as I have seen so many others share recipes,etc. I will not post any more as I never meant to act like I was selling anything as I don't even know the people who have this place? I just thought that this was what this forum was about trying to help one another but I'm sorry my mistake?

As far as saying things about me about not having an email address, I contacted Countryside about it and they said many people choose not to use their real email because of alot of problems that it causes,so I choose not as my children use this too. I remember awhile back alot of people said that they were not going to use their real names and addresses,so I'm sorry once again if I offended anyone but I have a friend that went through a very rough time because she posted her real email and I just choose not to.

Sorry will not bother passing along again,did not know it would bring with it such hate.

-- Bluebird (, April 02, 2002.

Thanks, Bluebird.

Sorry about the confusion. Lack of a link did make it look a little strange though. Thanks for clearing it up.

Don't get too upset by people's answers. If you read carefully, Paul specified that if you were legit, he meant no harm.

-- Chuck (, April 02, 2002.

I'm with Karen. I guess I must be gullible, too. I hope I stay that way. I would rather error on the side of being gullible than on being a skeptic and making monsters out of nothing. Sadly, I believe we scare a lot of good people away by some of this judgemental mud slinging.

-- Jean in Ky. (dandrea, April 02, 2002.

Thank you for the web site listing. I hope to be making soap soon.

Prices are formidable sometimes and this place is more reasonable.

Thank you again for sharing.

-- verna brandt (, April 02, 2002.

Thank you Chuck, I have been through alot lately and just got back to making some soap again and happened to find that site in which I was happy to tell all about as money always seems to be hard to come by around here so thought maybe someone else could benifit by the prices too? I don't want to come off as boo hoo but I never meant a thing by it.

I have gotten Countryside for so many years I forgot how many but always loved it and have been around here for quite awhile but was always afraid to do the posting thing so I am new to it and guess I really messed up?

All someone had to do was ask like I think Kristen( I'm sorry I think I spelled your name wrong?) did before they just assume, I did make a mistake and it hurt me to come back and see such harsh language over such a smiple matter.Thanks to the ones that gave me the benifit of the doubt. I was very shaken by this but it was nice someone seen what I tried to do.

Thank you,Bluebird

-- Bluebird (, April 02, 2002.

Thanks for sharing, it is a great site that you gave us. If people would take a hour or two to think before they type, maybe when they would not post hatefull responses that make them look like such fools to the rest of us. We on the forum love people like you that take the time out of your day to share.

-- phillip (, April 02, 2002.

thanks for the link Bluebird.

recommendation to resident knee-jerks: know your target and what's beyond.

-- B. Lackie - Zone3 (, April 02, 2002.

Hi, Bluebird...I'm with the majority too. I am also fairly new on here, and although I absolutely LOVE it, I have felt that things get a little carried away at times. I would likely make a lot more faux pas if I didn't have my dear sis advising me about the do's and don'ts from time to time. I do believe that the good on here FAR outweighs the bad, but I haven't been on the recieving end of this type of response either. I've made my mistakes, though, like going to old "threads" (new word for me) and responding. I didn't realize that was a no no. I sure do now, though. ROFL ;) Anyway, I for one sure appreciate the link too. Thanks. Judy

-- Judy Hill (, April 02, 2002.

Thanks for the link Bluebird, I have saved it in my favorites. Don't pay any attention to the snipers on here. Most of the group are real nice folks. There is always a few rotten apples in the barrel.

-- Sheila in NC (, April 03, 2002.

Chuck, get rid of the complainers if you want. That would suit me just fine. Give a body a break.

Bluebird, Thanks for the info. Hang in here. We need your input as well as everyone elses. Robin

-- Robin Downing (, April 03, 2002.

Nothing makes tempers short like a controversial (Florida) post now does it? Thanks for the site Bluebird, I'll show it to my wife the soap maker when she gets home. How long have you been making soap?

-- Ross (, April 03, 2002.

since Im always looking for new sources of oils,, I went there,, WOW,, talk about expensive, also, ,that website's links most dont work.

-- Stan (, April 03, 2002.

Bluebird,please do not let negative responses cause you not to participate in this forum. It is like life in general-we must deal with all sorts of people. I too have had to stop in the middle of a posting because when duty call be it animal,child or husband-yah got to go.Terry

-- Terry Lipe (, April 03, 2002.

Thanks, Bluebird! I have made soap for 20+ years and am always looking for other options on scents. Don't be upset with "us". "We" get awfully tired of the canary castration posts and other weary stuff. Amusing sometimes, but takes up the patience of a lot of folks. Anyway, WELCOME and thanks again!!

-- Gailann Schrader (, April 03, 2002.

Bluebird, just take it with a grain of salt. I don't know if it's the same Paul or not, but the very first time I answered on this fourm I was compared to a cocaine addict, because I said I needed air conditioning, in the summer here in Texas where I live. I live in a small trailer with no shade. I also said I would not bother with this fourm again, but I found out there is more good people than bad. So I hope you stay with us.

-- ruby (, April 03, 2002.

Stan, you seem to have a very huge chip on your shoulder. I am assuming you are a man who must have a lot of hurt inside to constantly have to be trying to stir up ruckus on forums. I rarely post here, not because I don't have valuable input, but because of the fear of being attacked like the situation above. I have watched you and others over the past year and a half and shake my head at the thought you have nothing better to do than to stir up trouble, name call, etc. Maybe you should plant a garden, bake some bread, go help a neighbor, etc. If none of the above work, maybe you and Mitch need to take it outside, because this forum for the most part is full of kind of loving people who take the time to share advice, help in need, etc. Don't spoil it. Tired

-- tired (, April 03, 2002.

well,"tired",, I welcome ALL the posts about new websites and such, and I dont understanding the bashing if someone forgets to add the addy,, it had happened to ALOT of people here. I dont welcome "mitch" thinking that everyone spams,, and that he has the power to do something to the spammers. HE "should have learned its lesson on one of the other forums,, but apparently,, he lives in a dream world

-- Stan (, April 03, 2002.

Hi Bluebird! Aas you can see, some of us are a wee bit cranky today! Also, some of us tend to play the game "open mouth, insert foot". Please be patient with everyone.

As for Stan and Mitch, please take it somewhere else! Much as I enjoy your posts, sometimes you two remind me of two ornery little boys who need a d*mn good spanking and a nap!

-- Ardie/WI (, April 03, 2002.

Well, I best clear a couple of things up.

Ruby: I have not insulted anyone on this forum. Not intentionally. I've never in my life ever called anyone, anywhere, a crackhead. I do understand, there are several 'Pauls' here, just as there are several Elisebeth's & Diane's - it can be confusing at times. :)

Bluebird: I get a few dozen e-mail spams per day. I get many pop-up ads when surfing the net. I get telemarketers all day long on the phone. Gets kinda rude after a while. People just trying to make a living, sure. Your original message, from the title to the whole body of the message, was _directly_ from the spam/telemarketing textbook! You hit all the key words, offered us a 'special' deal, made it fast paced - if you are looking for a job, you should consider going into that field!!!! :) :) :) So as I said, if you are a spammer (and the message was written as one) then I prefer that stuff not clutter up a discussion forum. On the other hand, if you were just trying to be helpful, I have no problem with it. As everyone knows, there is no power here - what I say is always just my personal opinion, I carry no club nor privledge here, nor do I want any. I tend to be a blunt & to the point type of person - why some of you view that as mean or something bad I do not understand. I'd rather be to the point than tap dance around an issue - say my point, and move on. Bluebird, my oringinal message was very matter-of-fact. Certainly no malice to you, even if you would have been a spammer! :) I even went out of my way to express that. I'm really kinda confused about your negative reaction???

As to the real e-mail / bogus e-mail deal: I have always prefered discussion forums that allow people to remain hidden, as you have chosen. I do understand your reasons for doing so. However, people should also have told you that with positives, there are often also negatives. Not posting your email address protects you from weird people, keeps spam away, etc. But it also makes you a "non-real" person - we don't know who you are at all, and your words have less 'value' that people who provide a way to contact them. Also, many more 'wonderful' people send private emails to you that 'weird' people - so you are missing out on some nice things as well. Can you see that trade-off? Frankly, I would have _much_ rather contacted you by e-mail to find out if you were just a spammer, or someone trying to help folks. (I often do, folks - really!) I'm sure others would have liked to contact you to find the web address that you forgot - but couldn't. So yes, you got some public questions & abrupt comments - because you don't have a real address. That's no problem. You have to accept that your choices affect how people view you. That's just the way it is on the internet.

To all: I'm sure not perfect. I have posted on other forums without using a real address - but I accept the negative points of that gracefully. Just in this thread I said I wouldn't post back here - yet here I am, making a liar out of myself. :) I've forgotten my share of web addresses on messages I've made! Duh, what a dufas I feel like when I do that - & I deserve the good natured ribbing I get! :) And all the rest. Bluebird, any mistake you make on the internet, I've done 10 times. So what? Go on, & have fun. We are in a big, huge community here, from many different backgrounds. Why is everyone so worried about what others say? Be yourself, have some fun, enjoy. If someone picks on you, laugh, learn, & continue on.

Fer crying out loud. Me, like I said, I'm blunt & to the point. But for goodness sake, what did I say?

By the way, does anyone know what this symbol means:


If you tilt your head to the left, it maybe looks like 2 eys and a smiling face. It means the person is smiling while they type. I use them _a lot_. You will see it in my first message, you will see a few in this message. It means I have a sense of humor, it means I'm joking with you, it means I'm just shooting the breeze with you. It's a common symbol on the internet.



And have a good day.


-- paul (, April 03, 2002.

No, really. Thanks for the info, Bluebird! I checked it out and the prices are nice. Stan and Mitch are, well, hysterical when you get to read their posts over a period of time. Paul I am not familiar with. But AGAIN. THANKS! I bookmarked their site. The vanilla scent is perfect if it is a nice scent. I didn't check out the shipping but nice price on scents. I used another company and the scents were really fake smelling. My customers want more realistic scents (and I want more realistic prices!). I charge $2.50 a 4 oz. bar and can't really afford to be too free with my "money"! Thanks again... Oh, and Paul? :o> (grins to you and yours)

-- Gailann Schrader (, April 03, 2002.

I'm sure I'm going to hear it about this being long but here goes. Thanks to all who helped me see the good people here who are here to help one another as I thought that this is what this was meant to be.

Kristean,Thank you for not snapping at me right off the bat.(see I got your name right!)

Karen & Jean, I was glad you seen it as what it was meant to be.

Chuck, I must say it was nice to see your post as I was very shaken up over something I thought was a good deed.

Verna, I know I have done alot of searching and always searching for a cheaper place to buy from. I have a few really good places I order my soaping oils from,so was happy when I found this and have seen some people asking where to buy certain things like this so thought I'd pass it along? It was the best place I have found so far out of all the rest I have seen or ordered from?

Phillip,B.Lackie,Robin,Ross,Terry,Gailann,Ruby,Tired,Ardie,and all the rest thanks for the encouragement!

Stan,This is the cheapest place I have found for fragrance oils,you said there are expensive,my I ask where you get yours and how much are they cause if they are cheaper I would be interested? As far as the website links not working I can't help it I have nothing to do with it just was telling of a website I found as everyone does?

Judy, I know I thought long and hard about post but have been through so much lately, thought it might help to post.I guess it turned out to only make me feel worse.I talked to Dave before I ever decided to post and he encouraged me to and said that it was no problem if I didn't want to use my name and address, he said many people don't and he seen no problem with it at all,so I did it that way and stick by it.Thanks to you also. I just do not understand how some are filled with so much hate and want to find the bad in everything and judge people before the facts,in which I feel even if you have all the facts who are we to feel we are better than the next as to judge them? It is sad to me that something so minor can turn into something so ugly?

Thanks to all for caring enough to make me see you the good people!

-- Bluebird (, April 03, 2002.

Thanks for the link bluebird. I just want to let everyone know why I use a fake email. I posted here a total of three times using my real address. Ever since then I have been recieving emails with viruses. Twice I was able to remove them with my virus program. One time we had to wipe out our computer and use our recovery disk. We lost a lot of stuff because of it. Now I am also getting porn spam in my mailbox. I know that my email was found by the spammers from a lusenet forum because I don't post anywhere but on lusenet forums. Now I use a fake address to protect myself and my computer. It doesn't make me any less of a real person. I visit here every day and really enjoy it, but I feel that I must use a fake address when I post because to keep my computer safe. Just my 2 cents. Have a great evening everyone.

-- Colleen In WI (, April 03, 2002.

i agree with the fake address. i dont post here either in fear of getting slammed.but there are good folks here. stan, do you EVER have anything good and positive to say? i t seems like you sit around on this forum alot and just look to be contrary to everyone and their ideas and. your comments are always on the smarta** side.its getting real old real fast. i will respond to your response to this in advance because im not coming back. whatever!!! ellie m

-- ellie (, April 03, 2002.

RE: Cost

Bluebird---I don't use fragrance oils as they are often synthetic blends, but do use essential oils. I tried to compare prices of my favorite suppliers and Sunflower doesn't say what quantity for the price of, say, lavender essential oil. If that price is for 1 ounce, it is indeed high. Consider

-- Anne (, April 03, 2002.

If I may interupt one more time, on the fake emails - as I said, I have no real problem with that whatsowever.

One solution is to get an email account with Hotmail, Yahoo, or any of the many others. Then you access your emails from your web browser. Their software checks any attachments for viruses. If you get a lot of spam, you can just bulk delete it without bothering to download or open it. If for some reason there is a person that starts bothering you on the emails, you can close the account & start a different one. It is harder for those people to mess up your local internet account or harrass you. It is almost like a fake address - only you can choose to see some of the emails you get!

I too got about 120 of those 40k long viruses a while ago. Along with the normal junk. It sure was nice to have all that garbage coming to the hotmail account.

Note that both Hotmail & Yahoo are considering charging for some or all of their services in the near future. The internet is consolidating into a pay-for-play service. But still, some of you may wish to check these services out.


-- paul (, April 03, 2002.

I have always used my yahoo address, a real one on the forums for the reason Paul gives. I get many very nice notes from people on the forums and would hate to give that up. I think you give up a lot using a fake address. Sure, along with the nice stuff has been some very hateful things, including virus, porn etc. but I just delete. My isp address is used only for family and close friends, or people from the forums that over time I have felt were trustworthy. Thanks for the link by the way Bluebird.

-- diane (, April 04, 2002.

Please don't get upset with me, I am only giving a little input on buying oils. I for one will not buy fragrances so I am not comparing prices there but I do sell soap and have search for oils, essential oils, lye, etc. stuff. Not all essential oils seem to be the same. I may love the cinnamon leaf from one company and not another and Sugar Plum has the best Lavender and cinnamon but they are not the best prices. I have found you can't beat either Camden Gray or Garden Eastwood with essential oils but like I said I save my lavender and cinnamon for sugar plus. For oils please tell me if anyone can beat Columbus Foods out of Chicago. After adding shipping I am far ahead than any place else I have checked out. Now I do buy in 50 pound containers maybe if I only wanted a gallon I wouldn't bother. sorry, this was meant to help - please do not get mad at me.

-- debbie (, April 04, 2002.

I have just reread a lot of the messages and I have always used my correct email. I thought you were suppose too. Anyway I am getting a dozen (very off color stuff) a day. It very upsetting to me and I just delete. Some of the stuff just opens before you can delete. Anyway, are these x rated stuff coming to my computer from this site. We have been trying to figure it out and I never thought about anyone on earth can get my email from this site.

-- debbie (, April 04, 2002.

WOW! All this...about soap.
I didn't realize that soap could lather up this much mud slinging.
Here's to the day when this forum was "Fresh and Clean, like the Great Outdoors...and I really liked too"...back then...

-- claudia in NY (, April 04, 2002.

Claudia you have a great sence of humor. Your absolutely right this thread had a great lather. Debbie

-- debbie (, April 04, 2002.

Whenever you buy Essential Oils (EOs) or Fragrance Oils (FOs), from a new supplier, please be sure to buy only a small quantity at first to test whether you like them or not, or whether they are pure EO's. For instance, good quality (pure) EOs will not leave an oily stain on a piece of paper, poor quality (adulterated with cheaper oils) will. FOs, because of the artificial ingredients, may cause headaches in you or those you love. Hope this helps.

As to the use of the fake email, no virus software is perfect, no spam filter is perfect. I'd rather not spend the time deleting stuff. But that is me.

-- GT (, April 04, 2002.

Are you saying that pure essential oils advertised as such might not be pure. That is scary. I sure hope I am getting pure eos because I sure am paying for them. I will test some tonight to see if there is oil on the paper. Thanks, Debbie

-- debbie (, April 04, 2002.

EO's are like any other product, there are levels of quality, same with anything else. And, like anything else that is new, or "hot", there are always people/companies jumping on the bandwagon to make money while they can.

Eventually, as people learn which are good and which are bad companies, the bad companies will fall by the wayside, but in the meantime, you don't want to waste a lot of money on a bad product, especially an expensive one.

-- GT (, April 04, 2002.

So GT you are saying it is worth staying with a company you trust instead of looking for cheaper prices. It seems strange to me to buy a particular lavender just say 40/42 from two companies and the smell plus the way it works into the soap is different. I found this with both my laverder and cinnamon leaf. What I think is another company sent me lavendin instead of lavender plus cassie (sp) instead of true cinnamon leaf. Of course I can't prove it but will buy from the other again. I have notice that everyone is on the band wagon with these eos now. What I supect is that they are buying in large quantities and mixing them to sell to customers as a homeopathic thing. Did anyone ever look at the the small amount in a hugh bottle of linen spray from Bath and Body Works. Your paying a lot of money for that drop of eo which isn't going to do anything for you at that rate.

-- debbie (, April 05, 2002.

Yes, I am. You get what you pay for in this instance. This is not to say that there aren't companies out there that can sell a good product cheaper, but the small initial order, even though a tad more money up front, is worth it in the long run to check things out.

Happy soaping!

-- GT (, April 05, 2002.

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