Top 10 April Fool's pranks in Afghanistan : LUSENET : Unk's Troll-free Private Saloon : One Thread

10)- Short-sheeted burqas

9)- A fake beard over your real beard

8)- Saying you're wife #4 when you're really wife #2

7)- Offering someone a can of peanut brittle and a goat jumps out

6)- Painting a giant bull's-eye on roof of a friend's cave

5)- Rocket launchers that shoot out little red flag that reads "bang"

4)- Replacing secret stockpiles of weaponized anthrax with Folger's Crystals

3)- Writing "wash me" on Osama's camel

2)- Saying that you support the Hamid Karzai government but secretly supporting a warlord who has secretly begun to support the Taliban again but then betraying the warlord, but then betraying the Karzai government and really supporting the warlord again

1)- Writing "wash me" on Osama

-- (Stephanie@World Wide.Pants), April 02, 2002

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