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Last week I recieved papers from an investagtor from Bank Of America saying that I owe them 2400. for my mortage which is 4 payments behind. I only owe them 1 month payment and I have proof. I tried to talk to the lady that handle that matter and she was very rude and said all they want me to do is move out. I missed a payment in december and i explain to them that I am self employeed my ex left me years ago i have two children and i was short on funds, but as soon as I received the money which was in January I made the payment. The cashed the check and also the Febuary payment which still made me a month behind. I told my divorce attorney about it and she called the attorney about my only being 1 month behind and he told her that they withdrew the picking up of my home (Manufactored Home). They were suppose to call her back to let them know what I should do as far as my payments. They have not called her back she said if she does not hear from them by Thursday that she will call them. Is there anything I should do in the mean time. What ever information you can send me please do good or bad new. Pamela.

-- Pamela (, April 02, 2002


Pamela this is a UK (England) site for UK home repossessions. We cannot really help you here. However, the Bank of America don't usually foreclose without good reason. Get your attorney to call them today - without fail - and assess your situation. There may be some misunderstanding on your part and theirs. You will need the purchase agreement for the manufactured home and the financing papers. I think this may have something to do with your ex i.e. other missed payments before he left which you know nothing about.

-- Too scared to say (, April 02, 2002.

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