I need a video mixer with 3 DV inputs

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I'm using three Sony Vx2000e cameras. Currently, I'm using a Panasonic Mx20 video mixer to do a pre-edit, but of course I can't use the Sony's IEEE output. I have found two or three mixers on the market that will receive two IEEE inputs, but I haven't located one that'll do three.

I want to stay digital all the way, if that's possible.

If i can't find the mixer, another possible solution would be software that will allow me to "pre-edit" in the computer before post-editing. To do that, the software would have to allow me to see three films actually playing at the same time and allow me to pick and choose just as if it were live. Premiere 6.0 doesn't do that. Any other software out there that'll do that?

How do others solve this problem?

Did I mention that I'm totally new at all of this? I'm a missionary in Hong Kong doing Bible teaching on video and - - - it's a long story and your eyes must be getting tired by now.

Anyone know about the mixer or the software?

email me at chinajim@netvigator.com

-- Jim Crain (chinajim@netvigator.com), April 02, 2002

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