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As I mentioned on another thread I went "8" days. Guess I need some more organizing and thinking! I bought a few things like thread, horse feed, strawberries, and switch covers. Now I have started again and I am on Day 4. How are you all doing? Have you changed anything. Substituted anything radical, gone without anything? Tell us your expereinces so far. I probably would have gone on, except for the horse feed, and once I bought it, I figured I might as well pick up the other things I needed too! I just completely forgot to get the feed the day I was out, and we use about 50 pounds a week. I had enough for about 1 week. I just have to remeber to buy 4 bags and it should last me a month!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 02, 2002


Well I loose too, I have had to go out 3 times to pick up stuff for my mother in law ( she had surgery 3 weeks ago). Man I am so mad at myself, :0(

-- Kristean Thompson (, April 02, 2002.

Funny you should ask Melissa. The day after you started that thread our hot water heater died. Everything got so messed up with trying to find the new one that we wanted with the extra insulation etc. that we just got hot water again a couple of days ago. So, besides the hotwater heater purchase, and all the stuff you need to do the plumbing etc., we ate out several times (which we almost NEVER do) and I even purchased a few simpler things to cook. So, starting over again here.

-- diane (, April 02, 2002.

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