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About 6 months ago I was looking for a board that focused more on "family" type issues, and where a more relaxed, kind atmosphere existed. Since I couldn't find anything that was as easy to use as this format, I decided to start one myself. It has been such an interesting and satisfying experience! Hoot was the first person besides myself to post (thanks!) and we have been rolling ever since. So thanks to all for the great posts and answers, the stories, the help, support, and encouragement. I hope Country Families can continue to be a positive influence and a little bright spot in your lives and on the internet as well.

Feel free to post your thoughts, and any topics you would like to explore further in the future. I hope you have enjoyed this forum as much as I have!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 02, 2002


Thanks Melissa for starting this forum. I too was tired of Countryside's squabbles and this is something I really enjoy coming to visit every day.

-- Nancy (, April 02, 2002.

Melissa, Thanks for making this a nice place to visit!

-- cowgirlone in OK (, April 02, 2002.

Thanks Melissa. After CS became so argumentive, I wandered and lurked awhile until I found Country Families. This is so peaceful. Thanks and keep it up!

-- Rosalie (Dee) in IN (, April 02, 2002.

Thanks Melissa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (, April 02, 2002.


You do a great job!!! I have been here since day one and it is still the first place I check when I get on the computer!! Thanks bunches.

-- Ivy in NW AR (, April 02, 2002.

Though I'm a latecomer and an occasional pop-in, pop-out poster, I sincerely appreciate your efforts and great work on CF. May six months stretch into six years and beyond!

-- Randal in Brazil (, April 02, 2002.

Melissa----I left CS also-----each moring I check my E-mail & go to Lesley's Christain Forum & then come here--

Thanks you for the good job you do---I enjoy the forum & the resect of all who post here!!!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, April 02, 2002.

I can't believe it's only been six months! I guess I came in about three or four weeks after you were up and running, and it sounded then like "Families" had been here forever. Just a wonderful group of people, thanks for the initiative to start!

-- Christine in OK (, April 02, 2002.

Gosh, it is hard to believe it is 6 months already! Your doing a wonderful job and I for one appreciate how you take it to heart and the time and effort you put in and how you have pulled us all together as a family! Thanks, Melissa!

-- Karen (, April 02, 2002.

It is really like a family isn't it? There are some here I consider close enough to be sisters and brothers, and others who seem like grandpap and grandma. Throw in some sweet aunts, eccentric uncles, and a bunch of cousins and we could have a family reunion!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 02, 2002.

Only six months? We got our first home computer six months ago, and the Countryside Forum was the first place we visited, we're long time subscribers. Eventually I found my way here, where things are friendly and relaxed.

Thanks Melissa for a comfortable cyber-home. God Bless You

-- Michaela (, April 02, 2002.

Melissa I am a new comer to this forum. Have posted a few times but truly enjoy it. Really read more than I post. All seem so friendly and sincer just like the neighbors you would like to have. When we built our home over 30 years ago we were out in the county now we are surrounded with people. Thank goodness we live back off the road and have breathing room around us. I am not sure what the reaction will be when we put some type livestock back in our front pasture. We were doing fine before they hooked 480 into Rt 422 almost all 4 lane now with a straight shot from cleveland to youngstown. Things began to grow and sometime not for the good. Our horses have been tromented and one of the stallions let out of his box stall. Ended up with a very bad leg injury. Fishing in our pond uninvited and leaving mess on banks. Is there no place in this country that is not poluted with people with "city mentalities"? They come out here for country peace and quiet Ha then want to change everything. Sorry everyone - I'll get off my soap box . That is why this forum is so important to all of us. We are not homesteaders but both Don and I come from farm background. His directly and mine through my Grandparents and relatives in Md. I would spend many weeks and some time months at Linden Hall Farm. We still have Dons home farm our oldest son is living there. We raise hay for sale and our own use. plus rent gound to a young man that raises the grain crops. Again thank you all for listening. And a BIG thanks for this forum Billie NE OH

-- billie jagers (, April 02, 2002.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Can I be an Eccentric Cousin??? I am already considered a "Wierd & Eccentric Uncle" by my Nieces and Nephews!

Keep up the good work Melissa!!! Country Families is a GREAT place to visit, learn and share!

-- Mark in N.C. Florida (, April 02, 2002.

Sure Mark, you can be anything you want to be!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 02, 2002.

happy anniversary Melissa and thanks.

resuming lurk mode now.

-- B. Lackie - Zone3 (, April 02, 2002.

Time sure does fly. Happy Anniversary Melissa. Like everyone, I feel you have done a great job. Jenn

-- Jenn (, April 04, 2002.

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