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Why juice a whole lemon if all you need is a teaspoon? Here’s how to get just what you need.

Roll a lemon on a hard surface, pressing on it to get the juice flowing inside. Poke a hole through the peel with a skewer, then squeeze out the amount of juice you need. The rest of the lemon is still intact and can be saved for later.

This is a great technique for juicing any kind of citrus fruit and prevents a lot of waste.

-- Karen (, April 02, 2002


This is a great tip karen, I also do this little trick. I purchase lemons ( on sale of course ) and zest and juice them. Then I freeze the zest in small plastic tubs, and I pour the juice into ice cube trays. ( I put 1 TBLSP per slot ) When frozen, I put them into plastic tubs. When I need a tablespoon of lemon juice, Wallaaaa....

-- Kristean Thompson (, April 03, 2002.

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