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Hi guys,i have only had my MV for two weeks and have always found netrual very difficult to find,its a case of up down up down up down and a few minuets later BINGO!! My MV has only a few hundered miles on it,is this what MVs do or is there an adjustment?

-- charlie richards (, April 02, 2002


That's fairly normal. It should loosen with age. The trick is to put it in neutral while you are still rolling a bit. If you are already stopped, roll it backwards slightly and it will pop right into neutral. Could be worse, my R1 shifts quite a bit worse than the MV.

-- Andy Ruhl (, April 02, 2002.

Down from second to neutral will always be easier then up from first even while rolling.While stopped Blipping the throttle slightly as if to shift up or down may help as will using your right foot as leverage against the ground to unload your chain. Make sure your chain is not too tight.

-- sean crane (, April 02, 2002.

As Andy said, it will loosen up after break-in. I had a terrible time trying to hit neutral the first couple hundred miles. Now I've got 3000 miles and have no problems with hitting neutral.

-- Brad Cowell (, April 02, 2002.

HI, i thought I was unable anymore to ride a byke so a little bit embarassed I asked if it is normal to have difficulities in finding the "n" at stops. I asked it to Viginio Ferrari, former Bike Champion and he told me that after 4-500 Km the gear bow will have to work better. Now I spent 1,500 km over the Cote d'azur and italian riviera turns and downhills and everything works better, but the sidestand, as usual. Carlo

-- Carlo (, July 01, 2002.

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