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Quick question:

I just planted brocoli, cauliflower and cabbage from transplants. It is supposed to get down to 29 degrees in three days. Will they be OK or should I cover them somehow? Straw? What do you think?

-- Mike in Pa (, April 01, 2002


I wouldn' worry about it. jack c

-- jack c (, April 01, 2002.

If they are sturdy and well transplanted, they should be fine down to about 20 degrees. I have had them live below that, but it nips the edges of the leaves back a bit. Like he said....they should be fine!

-- Nan (, April 01, 2002.

Thanks Jack. I just checked the weather channel .... change the 29 to 23! I hope that doesn't change your answer.

-- Mike in PA (, April 01, 2002.

Thanks Nan .... if I'd of known that, I'd have planted them 2 weeks ago!

-- Mike in Pa (, April 01, 2002.

Cut the bottom out of a gallon milk container and put it over the plant at night. Or make a tent out of plastic sheet or garbage bag to cover them at night.

-- Emil in TN (, April 01, 2002.

Mike, if you JUST planted them I would be worried and I would cover. If you had planted them two weeks ago, then they would be considered "well transplanted" in that they would have been well acclimated. Just a light covering of straw or something would be good, or I have gone to the linen closet and dragged out all my sheets and thrown them over them. Plastic, if it touches the plant, will transmit the cold and do more harm than good.

-- diane (, April 01, 2002.

I'd get the buckets on them tonight if it is going to get that cold. If there is a wind passing through tonight the frost won't hurt them. You can always hose them off in the morning if you see any frost on the plants. I use to try and plant things earlier than I should have to get better harvest. Gave that up due to tired of covering plants and up all night looking out of my bedroom window watching over my little seedlings. I sometimes think I have gone "over the edge". Good Luck !!!

-- Helena (, April 01, 2002.

It got down to 20 here a few days ago and I covered mine with Remay cloth. The cauliflower got a little yellow and lost a few leaves, but the broccoli, cabbage, and pak choi never new the difference. The cauliflower is doing fine now and growing and putting out new leaves. If you don't have garden fabric you can just use a sheet or lightweight fabric overnight and remove in the morning. They'll probably be fine.

-- Sharon (, April 02, 2002.

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