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If someone that has experience making goat milk soap could e-mail me off list I would appreciate it. I am trying my first batch and I think it is all bad!! I believe this batch is beyond help but I would like to try it again. Thanks

-- Joanie (, April 01, 2002


Sometimes cutting it up and recooking it does the trick. It will not be as good, but can be used for laundry, etc.

-- Rebekah (, April 01, 2002.

We've made soap using our goat milk for many years and have never had any that didn't make it doesn't always look exactly the same and the milk mixes in better if you heat it to 165 degrees and let it cool down to about 90 before you mix in the rest of the stuff. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions email me I'll be glad to pass on any help I can....ron

-- ron in ny (, April 02, 2002.


Check the archives on this site. There's a lot of good info there. Also, check out

Good luck


-- (, April 02, 2002.

I poured the soap into the mold but I am not sure if it will work or not. The milk looked like cottage cheese and smelled bad. I will see how it turned out later today. Can you get sick from washing with bad soap or will you just smell rancid? I think I e-mailed everyone that answered me but if I did not, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! It is nice to get advice so quick. I'll let you know how it truned out.

-- Joanie (, April 02, 2002.

The milk will curdle and turn off color when mixed with the lye, this is normal. It looks really bad but my soap always turns out, and the color normalises as it cures. Try freezing the milk in cubes, it seems to not scorch the milk so bad.

-- Terri in NS (, April 02, 2002.

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