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Discovery Travel is looking for Survivalist For a 2 hour special

A word from

We have recently been contacted by Ms. Michelle Mahoney regarding their desire to do a 2 hour special on "subculture" in America to include "survivalist."

Since is The Online Survival Community, we wanted to let our visitors have an opportunity to contact Ms. Mahoney regarding their special. Details from The Discovery Show (Ms. Mahoney) are below.

Let's face it.. America is not only baseball and apple pie. Living among us are groups of people who practice rituals and behaviors sometime construed as a "subculture." Discovery Travel will produce a 2 hour special on subcultures of America. This will include so-called "survivalists".

"We are looking for individuals and groups of people in various US regions to tell these stories. The segments will be shot like a documentary and will provide a nice platform for explaining the beliefs of a given "subculture". If there is one particular region that attracts say, survivalists, then we would like to highlight that region. We are the Travel network, afterall. This is not a newsmagazine controversy piece, but really a way to show what each group is all about."

I am looking for a community of survivalists to profile for the Discovery Travel Special. I can fly to where you are. Shooting will take two days. I am looking for the simple survivalists as well as the extreme. I am looking for a story that hasn't been told yet. Please email me if you would like to help. I am based out of SF, CA.

Thanks, Michelle Mahoney



VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: has no input whatsoever in their production. We simply want the visitors of to have an opportunity to particpate if they so desire. (so don't flame me)

-- Franklin (, April 01, 2002


Sounds like it would be an interesting show. I just hope they don't make the people who are "survivalist" look like they are crazy! I have noticed that if you start talking about living off the land, being frugal, growing your own food, canning, raising or hunting your own meat, or discussing the awful chemicals etc... in the food, people have a tendencey to think there is something wrong with YOU!!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 01, 2002.

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