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I'm sorry, I'm sure the question has come up before. I need a recommendation for paints to mix for the SAL mint green color. Also, were the roofs Pullman Green or black?

Many thanks, sorry to be a bother.


Denny Custer Okemos, MI

-- Power Dennis Custer Jr (, April 01, 2002


I understand that at one time,way back that NYC jade green was used and was added to the white.

-- Joseph Oates (, July 29, 2002.

Denny, I hope you have had your question answered by now. Here goes anyway. Larry Puckett, in Model Railroading April 2002, states that he adds 3 or 4 drops of MODELflex Southern Sylvan Green to a full bottle of MODELflex Reefer White to obtain the "mint" green (faded- toward-white appearance). The roof color is MODELflex C&NW Dark Green.

-- Jim Roquemore (, July 29, 2002.

I guess you are talking about E unit roofs.If so, they were dark green,not Pullman green nor black.SMRF,I think it is called now,thru Yahoogroups can answer your questions.The latest issue of Model RAILROADING,has an article on these units.

-- Joseph Oates (, April 01, 2002.

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