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I have recently bought a s/hand f4s which started life as an import bike ,and reading through all this site i have noticed there have been a few teathing problems.My bike has covered 7000 miles now and has been serviced upto 5000 miles all by the original supplier and at no expence spared by the previous owner so i have been told,i was told it has had the oil filter re- done by the supplier even though this was a manufacter warrenty issue.Apart from the bike dripping in casoli carbon ,pipes n chip and looks and handles better than my honda sp1 is there anything major i should look out for?,but also bare inmind the miles that have been done ,i would have thought any problems major or not have been sorted by now .ALSO been round assen last year then driven back to u.k ????

-- ROB GREENWOOD (robg@mvag750.fsnet.co.uk), March 31, 2002


Like u say, at 7000 miles u will have experienced most teething probs, if any. But under warranty for earlier bikes, oil filter, cam bucket shims, throttle bodies and more recently front brakes have been upgraded. Three Cross Motorcycles are the importers for the UK and they registered my import for me. Might want to try giving them your chassis number and see if they can help. But if it ain't broken probably no need to fix it. Personnally all is fine with mine although only done 1300 miles .... still experience engine cut out when throttle done from high rev when pulling in the clutch but very rare. Enjoy. Bit envious of your Assen trip. Haven't done a track on mine yet but will do this summer.

-- Chris Green (chris@www.chrisvgreen.co.uk), April 28, 2002.

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