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Hi; We just ate the first cucumber and bell pepper of the season from our garden.If it continues to stay this hot the garden will be over in a month or two. regards

-- ourfarm (, March 31, 2002


Hello OurFarm,

I am envious of you all! Here in the Ozarks it has just started getting warm and since I planted my peas, lettuce and spinach about 10 days ago it has just sprouted. My tomato plants and pepper plants are still germinating in the greenhouse. Oh well.....soon my friend, soon!



-- (, March 31, 2002.

Well, I'm envious of you both!! I've just had the last snow melt, and I've started a few things off inside. The garden is too wet to dig, and I'm so done with winter it's not funny. Serves me right for living in Western NY. Wishing everyone has a productive season,

-- Carol K (, March 31, 2002.

Hi, Changed the oil on my ol' Ford 8n yesterday, and plowed the garden today. I won't till or plant much yet. Too many freezes still to come in the next few weeks. Sure did feel good to sink the plow though! Happy harvesting down south!!!!

-- Woodsbilly n.c. Pa. (, March 31, 2002.

I remember that first seasons thrill. Congratulations. Wait till you get so wrapped up in it you start greenhouse growing year round too ! I use mine to keep tomatoes and peppers going. Hope your yields are tremendous.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, March 31, 2002.


I have tractor envy! I wanna a tractor!

both my slave sons that work much like manual tractors or mules (at least if they want to eat) are off to the Army in Mid June...I am gonna need a tractor then and the DH ain't what he used to be! I have tractor envy!


isn't it wonderful to taste such delicious flavors! isn't it a shame that most don't know what a vine rippend tomatoe or cucumber tastes like. You didn't say where you were (location) that you were able to eat the fruits of your labor so early in the season. I am just now putting cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and peas in the garden.

westbrook (Southern California)

-- westbrook (, March 31, 2002.

I just harvest the season's first slugs! Does that count? Aaaarghhh!!

-- Bren (, March 31, 2002.

We are enjoying a lovely soaking rain today. My spinaches that survived since November are loving it.

I have lettuce sprouts in a cold frame. They sprouted before the ones not in the frame. Still waiting for the snowpeas to show up. Parsley is greening up nicely after surviving the winter. Hope to barter some eggs with a neighbor that always has too many tomato and pepper plants they start under the grow light.

Oh, yes, the asparagus is coming up as well.

Even though I feel such a time crunch when spring gets here, what with wanting to be outside and homeschooling too, I love it.

-- Lav, Central Maryland (, March 31, 2002.

that sucks,, I STILL have snow on the gorund

-- Stan (, March 31, 2002.

We're making progress. The garlic is up! Have crocuses blooming and the daffodils have broken through the soil. Saw a robin the other day, and the blackbirds are here. This week we start the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant etc. Should have the last frost in six weeks or so. Guess we Maineiacs will have to have some more lobsters and clams as a form of solace! GL!

-- Brad (, March 31, 2002.

Had standing water in the garden until a week ago. Spent the last two days digging a curtain drain which immediately turned into a living stream. It will be awhile until we see our first veggies.

-- Griff (, March 31, 2002.

Oops! Committed a cardinal sin; Oregon Coast.

-- Griff in OR (, March 31, 2002.

Well, like Brad said, the crocuses are blooming and the daffodils are just tipping through the mulch. We pulled the sugar maple taps this week at the farm where I work, so as far as I'm concerned it's time to start planting. I, however, have found an excellent way to cheat. I grow parsnips (and some years, late carrots) that I overwinter in the ground and dig in the spring. That way I get delicious, fresh vegetables at a time when I'd normally just be gazing longingly at seedlings. I had carrots and parsnips today for Easter dinner...yum!

-- Sheryl in Me (, March 31, 2002.

My sentiments are with Stan - only I might even use stronger language. Still lots of snow. However, there is hope as it looks as though the ice on the pond is rather rotten around the edges. When the ice goes off the pond, that's when I really know that spring is on its way. Cucumbers eh? Hummpff!

-- Bernie from Northern Ontario (, March 31, 2002.

I planted swiss chard last fall . It came up and survived the winter . The weather warmed a couple of weeks ago, and it started growing like weeds . Have had 4 meals off it the last 2 weeks. Swiss chard is the easiest thing to grow and thetastiest green I know of . Oh yes, the daffodils are gone, the dogwood is in full bloom, and azalias will be in bloom next week . The gold finches are turning yellow, and I saw the first humming bird today (Easter ). I live in north Louisiana. Big George

-- George Wilson (, March 31, 2002.

While harvesting jaboticabas yesterday I realized I could feel the heat radiating off the ground andblasting from the sun above and the relections from the white sand below. Our broccolli is about played out, grapefruit season is almost over, the collards are starting to wilt, and the sweet potatoes are volunteering in the old plot. It's almost past season here in south florida.

-- Mitzi Giles (, March 31, 2002.

We just had a couple of warm days so the snow has shrunk back down to only 2 feet deep. I was getting excited....thinking I might see the garden dirt for the first time since December. Now we have a weather alert for tonight....8" or more of snow expected. UGH!!!!!

-- Peace and Carrots Farm, Vermont (, March 31, 2002.

Where abouts are you located....Central America?!!

-- r.h. in okla. (, March 31, 2002.

I've been lucky too. I've had spinach, carrots and onions all winter long from the outside garden. Amazingly, the one snow we had didn't bother them. Of course, that warm blanket helped out alot......

-- Jodie in TX (, April 01, 2002.

And we woke up to a fresh covering of new fallen snow - the kind you almost like to see at Christmas. Yuuuuck! For cryin out loud it's depressing. However, our time changes next weekend, so more daylight! Someday spring will come....

-- Bernie from Northern Ontario (, April 01, 2002.

Transplanting broc, cauli and cab now. Planted onion and lettuce last week. Hope it all survives there last cold days!

-- Mike in SW Pa (, April 01, 2002.

I CAN'T HANDLE IT !!! You all are talking about fresh veggies from your garden and I'm ankle deep in mud with snow flurries this morning !! I can't wait to move south this year !!!! I will probably begin my cold crops seeds in my little greenhouse tomorrow. Ground is just too, too wet to even think of planting. Hopefully by next year this time I will be "one of you" who will be saying.."I just ate my first veggies from my garden". Then some of you can envy me !!! Happy Spring !! (it will come..won't it ??)

-- Helena (, April 01, 2002.

It's so fun to hear about all the different gardens and weather around the country! Here in Southern Idaho, my family had our first BBQ of the season yesterday. Today I planted a rose bush and cleaned out the flower beds. Crocuses are blooming but not my tulips or daffodils yet. But inside, under my flourescent bulbs, I have hot peppers, tomatoes(6 types-Roma, Beefmaster, Galina, Mule Team, Anna Karina, Sweet Million) purple coneflower, mini shasta's, hollyhocks, false dragonhead, foxglove, eggplant, and more. They are confined down in the basement for now. But in a month I'll be able to let them see REAL sunshine. Isn't springtime great!

-- Sariah Pearson (, April 01, 2002.

I'm envious as well. Up here in Alberta we just had an Easter blizzard and am far from even finding the garden let alone planting in it.

-- susan banks (, April 02, 2002.

I've got 3 feet of sopping wet snow on my garden. the soil below is frozen, and it snowed today. On the upside, the fresh snow on the trees looks beautiful. Winter should end soon, but it's taking it's time this year.

-- roberto pokachinni on B.C. N.Coast (, April 06, 2002.

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