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Hi, I want to find out more about the phosphate mines that the ACL would have served during the late 50s and 60s. I plane on modeling one and my mom works for a compnay the mines the phosphate but I don't know if what they do is different from what they do now. If any one has photos of the mines or them loading the cars that would be great! Thanks to all that responed! Jason

-- Jason Castine (, March 31, 2002


Can't speak of the Florida mines, but Lee Creek, NC (now served by CSX) in the 60's would load 40 foot boxes with phosphate. The doorway was plugged using grain doors. The box cars usually went to mom and pop distributors unable to unload covered hoppers. Haven't seen many 40 ft. boxes lately.

Prior to fertilizer season, Lee Creek would load "rollers", an unconsigned car waiting for a buyer. These "rollers" would be routed NS-Wilson-SCL-RF&P for Potomac Yard. There, when sold, they'd be diverted to their final destination. From Potomac Yard, they were usually three or four days closer to destination. Not much left of Potomac Yard either.

-- Harry Bundy (, April 02, 2002.

Check out the first qtr 2001 of Lines South,Mr.Goolsby has written a rather excellent artical on phosphate cars and operations in Florida.

Hopes this Helps:)

-- V.L.Lewis (, March 31, 2002.

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