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What are the names of all six of the gummi bears?

-- mitch hearn (, March 31, 2002


red, green, yellow, orange, blue ,black ?

-- stan (, March 31, 2002.

There are six "given" names for the gummi bears, which has nothing to do with colors.~

-- mitch hearn (, March 31, 2002.

My neice Amanda told me----she is a pre-teen & I guess this is quite a thing--they are like people to them----I just eat their heds off!!!!

She told me they are Cuby---Suny---Grany--Tuny-- Crimson & Grufy---I may not have them spelled correctly---as she was telling me over the phone the names & I'm hard of hearing & I was laughing as she told me- --she said you want these names for WHAT???????

-- Sonda (, March 31, 2002.

All six given names end with an "I".~

-- mitch hearn (, March 31, 2002.

Cubi---Sini---Grami--Truni--Crimsoni--& Grufi????????????

-- Sonda (, March 31, 2002.

Am I close???????

-- Sonda (, March 31, 2002.

As slow as this day's question is going this has to be right, your answer was not there when I was typing the last clue. Actually the names are; Gruffi, Cubbi, Tummi, Zummi, Sunni, and Grammi.

Due to lack of posters today I will see you all tomorrow.

-- mitch hearn (, March 31, 2002.

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