Tetenal Emofin - Where to Buy?

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Can anyone let me know of a source (preferably in the U.S.) for Tetenal Emofin, a two part film developer? It doesn't show up in B&H, Adorama, or several others' online catalogs which I have checked. Is there a formula available if I have to mix my own? Any other two part developers exhibiting similiar characteristics? Thanks for any help you can give me.

-- Jeff Schroeder (jeffs@cnsp.com), March 30, 2002


To know where you kind find Emofin in the US, try to send an e-mail to Tetenal at: salesoverseas@tetenal.com

I'm no expert, but I think most 2 baths developers share in common the fact they control highlights very well (almost impossible to block).

To get formulas, check The photographer's formulary. There is a 2 baths version of D76 available from which I heard very positive feedback.

-- Xavier C. (xcolmant@powerir.com), April 03, 2002.

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