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So, where do those socks go that come up missing out the dryer?? I just moved last July and was sure when we moved the washer and dryer they would be there...but nope! They really do disappear! So what do you do with the mismatched ones? Here's some ideas!

-- Karen (, March 30, 2002


Also you can cut them to use as slip-on tubes to protect bandages or say you have put on some heavy-duty lotion or vaseline on your ankle or elbow, it will keep the lotion from getting on your clothes.

-- GT (, March 30, 2002.

To avoid missing socks be sure and use saftey pins and fasten together when socks are first removed from feet then tossed into dirty clothes hamper. We do not have missing socks anymore.

To avoid the pin causing socks to tear, pin about 1" or more from end of toe area thru all 4 thicknesses. They get clean and stay together!


-- Marie (, March 30, 2002.

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